Teaching Effectively: 4 Ways to Help Your Students Get More from Your Lectures

teaching effectively

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  • For a long time, lecturing has played a major role in education.

    However, you’ve probably had the experience of seeing students nod off as you’re talking.

    Verbally conveying information to students is useful at some points, yet constant lecture is dull for most learners.

    Instead of continuing to merely talk at your students, employ some other strategies to engage them.

    Group Assignments

    Whether you want to have the students work in groups to tackle a few math equations or to plan a presentation to deliver near the end of the term, engaging with their peers can help students to learn. They can fill in gaps for one another, and they can learn how to assume roles in groups, which is a skill they may need to apply in the world of work.

    You may worry about challenges that arise during group assignments, but learning how to navigate these difficulties can serve students well in their future endeavors. Additionally, students sometimes better understand information when it comes from a peer. A student who is struggling could benefit from instruction from a peer who better understands the material.

    Field Trips

    Venturing outside of the classroom is a way to show students how the skills you teach are present in the real world. Visiting a nature preserve can emphasize science skills, and heading to a historical site can make students better appreciate the information in the textbook.

    Even when you are limited in terms of field trips, you could bring students out to the campus square to feel the inspiration of nature while they write or to museum located at the school itself. Getting creative when it comes to excursions can allow your students to see more connections between what they do in the classroom and what happen in the outside world.


    Infusing technology into the classroom is difficult to avoid these days. If you were raised with older methods, you may have some aversions to today’s technology. However, technology can really help students to learn, especially because they are generally used to these channels of education. For example, you may set up a trivia game where students can buzz in their answers. You can show them humorous videos to make points about the subject matter.

    Also, you can use these tools for educators to communicate with the students when class is not in session. Snow days can ruin the plans that you had for the day and even the rest of the week or semester. Communicating with the students through technology can help you to keep the class on track. Even if you aren’t expecting the class to complete work on the day off from school, you can let them know what to expect upon returning to class.

    Learning Styles

    You’re likely familiar with Howard Gardner and this theory of multiple intelligences. Understanding the different ways in which students learn is not enough; you must also implement these concept into your coursework. For example, some students are kinesthetic learners. Getting students out of their seats and moving around the classroom or into another space can assist them. Other students learn in intrapersonal ways, so you may want to integrate journal assignments into the class.

    Teaching students in the way that they learn is powerful. By doing so, you motivate and encourage them. They don’t have to feel as though their learning style is unusual; instead, they can recognize it as an important part of a shared learning experience.

    While you likely have valuable information to convey to your students, your current approach might need some revision. Instead of allowing lectures to dominate the classroom, integrate other approaches to build a stronger experience for your students.

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