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Tips for Adjusting to Dorm Life

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  • With school in session once again, millions of college students are forced to find ways to adjust to dorm life. Living in dorms can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences that college has to offer, but it can present a fair amount of challenges as well. Dorm life is drastically different than anything students have experienced before, so it takes some getting used to. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to adjust to dorm life and get the most out of the experience. Here are some tips for adjusting to dorm life:

    Purchase earplugs and a sleep mask

    One of the most difficult challenges of dorm life is sleeping. With so many people in such a small space, it’s hard to find quiet time. And with a roommate that likely has a different sleep and study schedule than you do, you’ll often find yourself going to bed while he or she still has the light on. College is difficult enough as is without being sleep deprived. It’s well worth the few extra dollars to make sure that you can sleep successfully.  

    Plan study time outside of your dorm

    One mistake many students make is trying to do all of their homework in their dorm room. With so many people around, it can be impossible to stay on task. You’ll be constantly distracted, which makes the work slower and makes you feel worse while you’re doing it. By scheduling planned study time outside of your dorm—such as in the library, campus center, or coffee shop—you’ll be able to get your work done quickly, and then you can return to your dorm and have fun.

    Use your RA

    Your resident assistant is there for a reason: to help make your living experience easier. If you have questions or challenges, use the services of your RA. They’ll be able to help you with solutions, adjustments, and anything else you need.

    Stock up on snacks

    Whether you plan on it or not, college means lots of late nights. Sometimes it’s because you’re up all night studying for a big test, and sometimes it’s because you’re making new friends and having conversations. Either way, you won’t be on as strict of a schedule as you were in high school, and your stomach will notice. Schools know that students get hungry late at night, so they provide vending machines packed with snacks. But you’ll save a lot of money by stocking up on snacks from the grocery store ahead of time. Plus, it’s always great to have snacks around when you’re studying.

    Lock your door

    Chances are you’ll love most of your fellow students. But just because you feel safe around them doesn’t mean you should be careless. Make sure that whenever you leave your dorm room you lock the doors, so that you don’t lose your valuables.

    With these tips you should be well on your way to a wonderful dorm life. Be safe, study hard, and have fun.

    This article was written by University of Washington’s Criminal Justice student Dee Bronnwin.  When Dee’s not studying she is enjoying campus life.  She also uses Protect Your Bubble renters insurance so she can enjoy herself without worrying about what’s going on back at the dorm.

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