Tips for Optimizing Small Dorm Spaces

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  • Dorm rooms are notoriously small spaces. During this important time in a college student’s life it is important to make the most of the space you have so that you can work, live, and study efficiently in your dorm room. Having a clean, clutter free, and organized dorm room is the key to a happy dorm life.

    Space Saving Tricks and Tips

    Once you are moved into your dorm room, if you need to capture back some room, using these techniques will help you stay organized and regain some space at the same time. If you have a loft style bed, you are already ahead of the game because they allow for a great deal of space underneath. If you do not have a loft style bed that is still alright because just about any bed has room for storage underneath. Make sure to utilize that space, the easiest way is to get the most out of that space is using storage bags or containers underneath your bed.

    When it comes to your closet space, take advantage of closet set ups that use all the available space from floor to ceiling in the closet. Wherever and whenever possible, use multipurpose furniture and accessories, such as ottomans that double as storage.

    Clutter Free Room, Clutter Free Mind

    Minimize what you have in your room. Less is more is really an important way of thinking that you should adopt during dorm room living. When you purchase all of your RHL dorm room bedding, bathroom supplies, and room décor, only keep one of each thing you need stored in your dorm room. If you decide to purchase more styles, put them in storage or keep them at home and alternate when you make trips home rather than keeping more in your small dorm room space. That will free up your storage space and closet to keep everything you need all neat organized and easily accessible.

    Psychology experts explain that a clutter free environment can clear your mind, which helps you to think more clearly and retain more information when you study. Therefore, a clean and clutter free, organized dorm room can actually improve your grades and reduce the need for extra study time. The easiest way to keep your dorm room clean and clutter free is to not let it get to be too messy in the first place. Develop a schedule for cleaning different areas of your dorm on each day. Take care of small tasks like dusting and emptying the garbage each night or each morning.

    Feng Shui Dorm Design Tips

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of designing the elements of your environment to allow for the optimum flow of “chi” or your energy and life force. Whether or not you believe in it, you have to agree that something that has been around for hundreds of years must have some credibility and might be worth a try. There are very small and simple things you can do to arrange your dorm room to embrace some of the aspects of Feng Shui design. Some room design ideas that you can take away from Feng Shui include:

    • Include plants in your living space, the help diffuse sharp corners which can cause conflict in your relationships while also cleaning the air you breathe. Plants remove bacteria and germs from the air making it less likely for you to get sick.
    • Do not sleep with a mirror above or adjacent to your bed. If a mirror is in a position that cannot be moved, try covering it up at night.
    • Turn off electronics when they are not in use and neatly wrap all electronics cords and keep them tucked away, labeled, and organized.

    If you are having difficulty with any specific part of your life, you can turn to Feng Shui and research how it can help your specific problem. Feng Shui can help you achieve your goals by arranging your room and focusing on certain areas that are associated with those aspects of your life.

    When you set up your room in a certain way, Feng Shui principles include using certain elements and color in the sections of your room that reflect on areas in your life. Out of all 9 sections that are on a Feng Shui room map, here are the 5 that are likely to be most important for college students:

    • Knowledge is represented by the area to the left of the door. In order to embrace and enhance your knowledge through Feng Shui, you should set up your books, desk and study area here.
    • Health is associated with the center of the room; this area should be clear and open to relate to being free and clear of any medical issues.
    • Prosperity is represented in the back left corner of the room. To encourage wealth and help with your finances and financial aid, that corner should be where you keep your valuables.
    • Relationship is represented in the back right corner. Place objects that are pink, red, or white in that corner to enhance and cultivate those ever important college relationships.
    • Career Goals are influenced by the area around your front door. If you have heard the term “opportunity knocks” this embraces that idea. When you start thinking about your career toward the end of your college experience, make sure that you pay special attention to keeping your door way and entry area clean and clear of clutter.

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