Tips for Success in Your Science Classes

Tips for Success in Your Science Classes

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  • A strong foundation of scientific knowledge will serve you well in your life, whether you decide to become a scientist or are taking gen-ed classes.

    For the best experience in class, be present and ready to learn—here are some helpful tips for success in your science classes.

    Embrace Being Wrong

    Science is the never-ending search for truth. When you create hypotheses and perform experiments, you will inevitably encounter wrong or incomplete answers. That’s perfectly all right, though; science doesn’t know all the answers yet. Making mistakes is a natural and expected part of the process.

    Learn how to learn from those mistakes! After all, Thomas Edison famously found a thousand different ways not to make a lightbulb. Each wrong answer will lead you in the direction of discovery.

    Always Be Present

    You should be paying attention in all your classes, of course, but scientific study brings formulas and procedures with it. Make sure to learn and follow all safety protocols in the lab, and have a notebook handy to take thorough notes on each lesson.

    Keep the scientific method at the forefront of your mind, and write the steps down if you have to. Learn how to do proper research, both inside and outside the lab. Research is a crucial step in making discoveries and finding answers.

    Ask Questions Often

    There are no “dumb” questions in science. Even a child’s query—“Why is the sky blue?”—offers the opportunity for learning. Chances are, another student in your lab has the same questions you do, so don’t be afraid to speak up when you’re confused.

    If you’re unsure about any protocols or procedures, it’s better to ask for clarification than pretend you know what you’re doing. Scientific accuracy and lab safety are paramount to discovery, and preventable mistakes can disrupt the flow of the lab.

    Keep Being Curious

    Don’t limit your scientific study to the lab. Spend time outside of class learning cool facts about your field to get you excited to come to class every day. Your curiosity will inspire your classmates to learn more new things outside the lab.

    Your natural curiosity will also make a good impression on your professor. They’ll recognize you as a dedicated and ambitious student, and they may want to mentor you.


    Developing positive working relationships with your professors will benefit you down the line. If you want to continue your studies in a graduate program, they can write stellar recommendation letters based on your work ethic.

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    Every science student, whether an aspiring physicist or a business major fulfilling a requirement, must develop a strong set of study and research skills. These pointers will benefit you in multiple areas of your life and encourage critical thinking in all disciplines. Follow these tips for success in your science classes, and you may find yourself becoming a more curious and detail-oriented individual.

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