Top 3 Benefits of Learning New Languages in College

learning new languages in college

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  • The advantages of learning a new language are many, ranging from bettering your career prospects to the ability to communicate with people from other cultures.

    Languages consist of an extremely complex system of structures, rules, and verbal terms.

    Whether it’s studying Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Arabic, learning new languages means that your brain must cope with greater complexity and absorb new concepts as it makes logical sense of what you know and what you have learned.

    These skills help you to improve your communication skills, your problem-solving aptitude, and increase your cognitive thinking.

    The best way to learn a foreign language is to get formal instruction. Colleges, all over the world, offer assorted programs which include in-depth language immersion, reading comprehension, and foreign study literature.

    These courses may range from beginner to advanced and may also include baccalaureate or master’s degrees. The depth of studying depends on the student and the adversity of the actual university.

    There are so many benefits of learning a new language in college. The three most common reasons are listed here to help you finalize that decision as to why you need to study a different language:

    Cultural Awareness

    The basic skills for learning a new language begin generally with written and oral communication. We recite grammar rules and repeat useful phrases so that we may speak and read and write with fluency.

    However, this is not all that a new language can teach us. With different languages comes fresh cultural awareness of a place or a people we are not familiar with.

    As a student of a language, you come to understand the different practices of a new culture. You study the history and religion of a culture as well as their geography and traditions of a varying generation.

    With a deeper understanding of a culture, it is much easier to relate to others of a different nationality or ethnic group. Mentalities are opened and more easily changed or adapted. Learning a second or third language opens doors to many more experiences—not just with literature and language, but with the world around you.


    Your perspective can influence your entire life. It permeates everything you do and everything you say. It’s all about where you come from, where you lived, your education, your socioeconomic status, plus a whole lot more. In your day-to-day life, it’s all about what constitutes as normal for you.

    Studying a foreign language in college can show you just how diverse other people can be from your regular contacts. This can teach you to be more compassionate and understanding when interacting with a group of people with dissimilar viewpoints from you.

    Controversial subjects are easier discussed when you recognize that perspectives vary and are based on altered backgrounds. Learning another language helps to filtrate your own biases and enhances your understanding with regard to someone else’s outlook and perception.

    By listening to other students speak of the problems of their country, you are more likely to sympathize with their plight and form new opinions you never thought of before.

    Career Opportunities

    Learning a new language in college adds to your personal and professional skill set. It will enrich your resume and help to set you apart from others who do not speak a different idiom.

    Any competitive edge will lift you above other candidates, but having the capability to read and understand a different language will demonstrate your ability of fortitude and intelligence.

    If you have studied a foreign language, your opportunities to find employment increase tremendously. You can find jobs ranging from customer service, to healthcare, to the entertainment industry, to government.

    Being able to speak and read in a foreign language opens doors to working from abroad or traveling between countries. In today’s society, it may even be imperative to study a language to further your career.

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    Learning a second language is well worth the investment when you consider the benefits to your career and to your life in general. Whether you study Chinese, Spanish, German, or English as a second language (ESL) the advantages you gather go far beyond the actual grammar and comprehension of letters and numbers. You take away a greater understanding of culture and history.

    Your perspective changes regarding foreign opinions and attitudes. Along with your actual learning, the mental benefits of studying a new language is incredible. Your memory skills improve dramatically. You have better concentration and listening abilities. The brain also learns to think critically and multitask.

    Learning a new language in college also increases your life skills and expounds your employment opportunities. It can only be deduced then that studying a foreign language is just one way you can enhance your lifestyle toward fulfilling your achievements and success.

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