Top Alternatives to College That Sets You Up for Success

top alternatives to college

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  • The cost of college has become incredibly exorbitant over the last few decades, with many students now graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

    While the traditional four-year college experience has certain benefits, several high-paying alternatives set you up for success with less student loan debt.

    Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to make money without spending years in school.

    Freelance Writer

    While freelance writing can be a lucrative, flexible career path, it isn’t always that profitable at first. Spend the next few weeks or months growing your writing portfolio in your desired niche.

    With a strong body of work, you’ll be able to show potential clients just how good of a writer you are. This way, you can land higher-paying gigs and start making real money.

    App Development

    With app development being one of today’s most popular career paths, you can earn upwards of $100,000 a year if you have an eye for design and knowledge of current industry trends. There are numerous ways you can make money as a mobile app developer, but becoming an entrepreneur and releasing your creation is especially lucrative.

    Get started by taking a web development boot camp or teaching yourself through videos online. With practice and consistent studies, you’ll soon be a highly sought-after developer.

    Cosmetology School

    Don’t want to go to college? Try a cosmetology program. Cosmetology programs are usually completed in less than a year and prepare you for licensure in your state.

    A license allows you to legally work as a hairstylist, makeup artist, manicurist, or even electrologist at salons or spas. Although cosmetology school takes time and money, it’s one of the best ways to start making money from your passion.

    Content Creator

    If you have a passion for photography, videography or blog writing, then becoming a content creator may be a great option for you. More and more people are making a full-time income creating content for their personal brands.

    Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are common places for people to get started. However, you can even create your own blog and get money from advertisements showing on your website.

    One thing with this path, however, is that it’s typical to have a long period of time where you aren’t making any money. So if you choose to become a content creator, be prepared to work for months, if not years to become a successful content creator.

    Interior Designer

    If you’re creative, consider becoming an interior designer. Designing a home can be a rewarding career, especially since you get to make a positive impact on how people live their lives.

    It’s important to remember that being an interior designer is far more than just choosing paint colors and furniture. It’s also about communication and working as part of a team.

    Social Media Manager

    If you are familiar with all of the social media platforms and recognize what content performs well with different audiences, then becoming a social media manager may be a great option for you.

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    Many companies, organizations, and personal brands need help managing their social media profiles. For example, they need someone to take care of creating the content, responding to comments, and engaging with other influencers.

    You can reach out to these companies and offer your services to do these things. Oftentimes, you’ll need a portfolio of work to prove your value when it comes to big companies but it is likely that a local company near you is willing to work with you without a portfolio as long as your rates are reasonable.

    Going to college was once the most recommended path to success, but the job market has changed dramatically in recent years.

    Use this guide to learn how these alternatives can save you time and money while providing you with valuable real-world experience that can help you succeed down the road.

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