Types of Jobs That Require Pre-Employment Drug Testing

types of jobs that require pre-employment drug testing

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  • All companies located within the US have the option to perform pre-employment testing to protect and benefit their business.

    The legality of drug testing is an evolving matter that can vary from state to state.

    If a company tests job applicants for drug use, it is typically a part of the traditional pre-employment screening process.

    Some private employers may choose to screen applicants, but there are a few industries that require screening for illicit drugs due to federal drug testing laws. Depending on the industry, this testing is due to personal and public safety concerns or an ethical code of fairness.

    A variety of employers require pre-employment tests to determine the best or most appropriate candidate for the role they need to fill.

    Pre-employment drug testing is meant to have a positive connotation as a health service. It allows a company to show they care about a healthy and safe work environment.

    As you near entering the workforce or a specific career within an industry, it’s critical to be aware of the major types of jobs that require pre-employment drug testing. If you’re curious about these industries, take a look at the list below.

    Employment in Transportation

    Millions of people and products move from one point to another throughout the course of the day. The public transportation industry is in charge of operating cars, buses, trains, airplanes, or large trucks on a daily basis.

    Such safety-sensitive positions require illicit substance screening to ensure that on-the-job accidents will not occur, as individuals who are under the influence can mistakenly cause incidents or endanger the public at large. The Department of Transportation, aka the DOT, has a strict rule to check for substance abuse not only during the hiring process but thereafter.

    Employment in Construction and Manufacturing

    Construction is one of the most dangerous industries because employees perform high-risk tasks daily. Many people don’t see construction sites as safe-havens, but instead as potential places of hazards.


    For those who work within this industry, safety is thus of great importance. As a protective measure for all staff on a construction worksite, contractors or unions screen employees for illicit drugs to ensure a sober or sound mind.

    Drug screening isn’t solely about an individual, but for colleagues and the business at large. The manufacturing industry also requires screening for substance abuse to ensure proper handling and best protect a company’s reputation. Errors or missteps throughout the manufacturing process could result in a recall, which could permanently damage a business.

    Athletic or Professional Sport Employment

    Many athletes have to go through drug testing as a means of wellness and promotion of sportsmanship. Out of the various types of jobs that require pre-employment drug testing, professional sports differ from safety- or security-sensitive roles.

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    Whether an individual is at a collegiate level, going pro, or heading toward the Olympics, many athletic associations mandate substance abuse screening to display an athlete’s ongoing responsibility for their own integrity.

    Pre-employment drug testing is simply a method used to foster fairness and wellness in any workplace—semi-trucks, tech offices, federal agencies, playing fields, and worksites alike.

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