How To Stay Comfortable Outdoors in Winter

how to stay comfortable outdoors in winter

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  • College is a fun, new, and exciting time in life.

    However, the weather can drastically impact this positivity, especially if your new school is in an unfamiliar climate.

    Your ability to withstand the cold temperatures and the bone-chilling winter wind is something you must develop.

    You cannot effectively weather the frigid outdoors without the right gear and tactics in place. Here is a quick guide for how to stay comfortable outdoors in winter.

    Wear a Thick Coat

    The most important thing you can do to stay comfortable outside during winter is to wear a thick coat. Whether you already have one or you need to find a thicker coat that fits your environment, you must have a jacket you can throw on at a moment’s notice.

    Depending on where you currently live and where you will move for college, you must learn how to properly dress in layers. Layering is the only way to survive the coldest days of the year. And the outermost layer must be a thick coat to keep you comfy.

    Bring a Blanket

    Blankets may sound overrated, but they are the key to a warm and enjoyable time outside. If you want to go sledding, have a wintry picnic, or attend an outdoor event, a warm blanket will go a long way.

    The thick fibers will trap your body heat in an additional layer that you can don and doff as needed. Without a blanket, you must either sit directly on the cold snow or stand the entire time.

    Pay Attention To Weather Conditions

    If you’re not in the habit of checking the weather each morning, you better start now. These temperature and condition reports can change on a dime, and you need the most up-to-date information.

    For example, if you have a morning class, you’ll want to check the weather before setting out from your room. Subzero temperatures are not kind to those improperly dressed. You must prepare for an array of weather possibilities—from high winds to thick snow to slippery ice.


    Find Warm Socks

    Whether your feet feel cold or not, warm socks will keep your extremities from suffering when outside. Frostbite is an extreme situation, but don’t let the weather catch you unprepared.

    If you spend too many hours outdoors without warm footwear, your feet may begin to go numb. Avoid these uncomfortable situations with a pair of high-quality, warm socks.

    From cabin socks to fuzzy socks, there are many varieties in fabric, color, and thickness. It’s up to you to warm yourself up, so wear a pair of thick socks underneath your shoes or snow boots the next time you take an outdoor trek.

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    When you know how to stay comfortable outdoors in winter, you need to put it into practice. Ask locals or students from similar climates about layering best practices. When transitioning climes for college, you should prepare yourself and test your limits as the days grow colder.

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