4 Great Ways Students Can Prepare for College Long in Advance

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  • Preparing for college starts long before students start to fill out college applications.

    In fact, college preparation, if done right, takes many years.

    The best prepared students actually spend three or four years preparing for their college years and their college admissions.

    If you are among those working in advance to prepare for your college career, read on for how to improve your preparation efforts for maximum academic success.

    Take Test Prep Courses

    Tests like the ACT and SAT have an incredible influence on college admissions. That is why so many teachers today spend extra time in classes working to prepare students with sample test questions from previous test versions. To be better prepared to take these tests, it can be incredibly helpful to take some test prep courses that prepare students for these tests.

    Companies like Khan Academy offer free and paid courses to help with test preparation. They provide online tutors that help students in real time. Other online resources allow students to take practice SAT and ACT paid or even free. Students who will take these tests should practice taking these tests in a timed situation in order to simulate the conditions of the real thing.

    Look at College Prep Programs and Schools

    College prep programs and prep schools take students a step further in their studies. While it’s good to continually practice for tests like the SAT, nothing quite prepares the student for college like an extended period of time studying these subjects.

    It is difficult if not impossible to do really well on the SATs or in college in general without many many years of preparation. Cramming rarely helps. Instead college-bound students should count on spending their pre-college years in college prep classes.

    Even better yet, attending a college prep high school can make all the difference for a student and even determine if he/ she gets into the college of choice.

    Be Aware of College Admissions Requirements

    Certain types of schools, like art schools or specialty math and science colleges, have quite strident admissions requirements. In order to get into these schools, students have to have specific application materials. These include portfolios of their work, top-notch grades, and letters of recommendation from teachers.

    Students who want to attend competitive colleges should talk to college admission representatives to find out what the admission requirements are. Otherwise, they may not be granted acceptance into their school-of-choice because they didn’t fulfill all of the admission requirements. There are also special requirements for various academic scholarships that, when planned for in advance, can give valuable financial aid when the time comes.

    Take Extra Curriculars

    While good grades play a huge role in a student getting into the college of their choice, they should not overlook the importance of extracurricular activities. That said, not all activities are created equal. Students looking for extracurricular activities should concentrate on one of the following activities: student government, academic teams or clubs, or the debate team.

    These activities demonstrate that the student is interested in leadership, is passionate about a certain subject (which shows dedication and tenacity), and can engage in conversation about the most prevalent and pressing issues of the day.

    other valuable tips:

    The students who stand the best chances of getting into the colleges of their choice have spent a great deal of time prepping for their college years. Utilizing online resources and specialized preparation programs, students can get an edge on the competition and conquer the admissions tests and requirements.

    Taking the time to know and prepare for the unique qualifications required by their dream college, as well, can make students stand out from the crowd as the best candidates to attend the school of their choice.

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