5 Ways To Stay Safe As A College Student

stay safe as a college student

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  • Going to college is a rite of passage into adulthood for many young people. 

    The years you spend in college will be some of the best and most exciting times of your life. 

    However, the presence of thousands of young people can sometimes lead to danger.

    It’s important to know how to keep yourself safe from harm while on campus, and it all comes down to keeping your mind sharp. 

    Check out a quick look into a few ways you can take action to protect yourself as a college student and return home safe for the holidays. 

    Know where campus police hang out

    No matter where you choose to go to school, there will be some kind of campus security in place.  Take the initiative to know where the campus police hang out, so you always know how to quickly get help.

    It’s also good to know if your campus has a sober driving service for those wild nights.  Know if there are campus escorts available for safety, and make sure to record the phone number to campus police. 

    Carry personal protection devices

    You may want to carry your own protection while on campus to take your safety in your own hands.  Make sure to know the laws in your area and specific to campus before carrying a weapon, but legally carrying a firearm could save your life in a tough situation. 

    Be a responsible owner of your weapon, and make the effort to have formal safety training in shooting, handling, and cleaning a firearm before purchasing one. 

    Avoid walking alone whenever possible

    Walking on campus at night isn’t something you can always avoid, but there is a safe way to do it.  Never walk around campus alone at night. 

    It’s best to always travel with a buddy, but you’re less likely to have trouble during the hustle and bustle of the school day.  When you Uber or use public transportation, always have a friend come along for the ride. 

    Be wise about posting on social media

    Social media is a part of most young people’s lives, but there’s a dangerous element involved in sharing your every move with people online.  You should be cautious about the information you post, and don’t leave yourself opened to trouble. 

    other valuable tips:

    Make sure your social media accounts aren’t constantly tracking your location, and don’t announce your vacation plans until you’re back from the trip. 

    Always lock your doors

    It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning that you should always lock your doors.  Lock your car doors.  Lock your dorm doors, and lock up your valuables.  Locked doors may not stop every instance of trouble, but it doesn’t welcome it in either. 

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