Wet Vs. Dry Campus: Six Alcohol Safety Tips for Freshmen

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  • You have a lot of information to remember as an incoming college freshmen, from where your classes are, to the requirements for your major. But some of the most important information you can commit to memory has to do with your basic safety and wellbeing.

    Whether you’re attending school on a wet or dry campus, you should only consume alcohol safely. But there’s every possibility you (and your classmates) don’t have a lot of experience with that yet. This is why we’ve compiled these six alcohol safety tips to help you navigate this first year.

    Avoid Drinking to Escape

    Studies show that about 30% of college students abuse alcohol. It’s better to avoid forming a dependence on alcohol than to try and overcome one later, especially while in school. To do this, only drink alcohol conscientiously. Don’t drink to avoid problems or relieve stress.

    Balance your Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol can make you feel dizzy or uncoordinated. To decrease these effects, stay hydrated while drinking, and never drink on an empty stomach. Never mix medications and alcohol, and know your own limits.

    Learn Campus Policies

    Do you know if alcohol is allowed on your campus? What kinds? Are there any penalties for drinking on campus or in campus housing? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, learn your campus’ alcohol policies. You don’t have to ask a faculty member if you aren’t comfortable with that, instead browse your school’s website or student handbook. Don’t rely solely on what you hear from fellow students. You should learn what legal consequences you might face in your area as well. A DUI attorney can help point you to some relevant reading to inform you on what laws are in place in your area.

    Never Drink and Drive. Ever.

    The advice is straightforward, but you should never get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, even if you don’t feel incapacitated. Disregarding this advice puts your life, your passengers, and all other drivers at risk, and it’s never worth the risk.

    Never Leave a Drink Unattended

    When you’re in a crowd, don’t accept opened drinks and don’t leave your drink unattended. Be wary of drinks you haven’t mixed yourself.

    Plan for Transportation

    To help you avoid driving while drunk, make sure you know how you’re getting home when you attend social gatherings with drinking. Keep the number of a local taxi company in your phone in case of a transportation emergency.

    If you haven’t had much experience drinking previously, it may take some time to learn how much you can handle and how much you feel comfortable drinking. As you learn your limits, use these six tips to stay safe.

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