Student Tips for Moving

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  • There are a good many reasons why you would need to stay organized during a move to a new university, but things would get a lot worse if you’re not careful about the little things. There will be quite a few things you will need to be ready for, so you need to act on dealing with them before you waste enough time to rush in the very last minute. The following tips will give you more information on the subject, so you can deal with what comes ahead:

    Keeping your documents ready

    Since you will need to get quite a few things squared out before you move, you should pay attention to any forms you need to deal with from your landlord. These may include a number of documents you will need to fill out and to prepare proof of identity, as well as references and proof of the first month’s rent in many cases. Make sure you have everything your landlord requires before you move and you will have an easier time solving this part of the puzzle.

    Keep an inventory list of your items

    You should always make sure you have one of those, since chances are you will like forget some small detail or another. You need to pay attention and ensure you have properly organized your possessions before you call a man and van service. Label your boxes and you will have a much easier time dealing with unloading everything in its place when you arrive.

    Overlapping tenants

    Sometimes this happens; no matter how prepared you want to be, since you will need to consider a new set of rules in the process. This will easily happen when the property has been leased to expire at the end of the month, but the new tenancy doesn’t start until the new month begins. You may need to deal with this by spending a day or two elsewhere until the previous tenants have set their affairs in order. It is fairly rare, but entirely possible to find yourself in such a situation, so do your best to prepare for this possibility.

    Possibility for small renovations

    Sometimes there may be small issues with the home you are moving to, so you will need to make sure you can deal with these small problems. If you are not really satisfied with the current accommodations, you can talk to your landlord about it so you can address the issues ahead and whether they are within the realms of what can be done while you live there. This is the responsibility of your landlord, so you need to keep in contact with them in case of trouble and maintenance.

    Paying your bills

    This is something that needs to be covered before you move in, making sure your bills will be in your name and that you will be able to cover them as you move forward. This is a simple, but important part of the process.

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