Why It Is Worth Considering a Law Degree

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  • Choosing the right career can be very difficult. You will most likely spend several years in a profession, so it is very important for you to choose the right one. If you are still undecided about your career, then you should consider studying law. Lawyers, which are also referred to as attorneys, are professionals who give legal assistance and advice to their clients. There are a number of benefits that you can reap from becoming a lawyer.

    Job Prospects

    Many students go to college and never use the degree that they earn. It is very hard to find jobs in many fields. If you become a lawyer, then you will most likely be presented with a number of job opportunities after you graduate. The field of law is expected to grow by ten percent, which is nearly the same as most other occupations in the United States. Businesses, individuals, and the government will always need lawyers to represent them. It is important to note that jobs may be more plentiful in some areas. If you are willing to relocate to another city and state, then that could also increase your chances of finding a job.

    Great Salary

    It is not wise to pick a profession based on the salary. However, the salary is something that you may want to take into consideration when you are choosing a profession. A lucrative income is one of the many perks of being a lawyer. There are a number of factors that determine a lawyer’s pay, including experience and where one works.

    According to the Occupational Handbook, the average salary for a lawyer is around $112,000 per year. This is drastically higher than the average American salary. There are some lawyers that are making over $166,000 per year.


    Again, it is very important for you to select a career that you enjoy. There was a survey done in 2009 on lawyers who had graduated from the University of Virginia Law School. Eighty-one percent of the respondents were happy that they decided to become a lawyer. A survey done in 2010 showed that less than half of workers in the United States were satisfied with their jobs. Lawyers have the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better, which is one of the reasons that most of them are satisfied with their job. Additionally, law is a very prestigious career that is respected by many people.

    Job Variety

    Many people get bored with their jobs because they do the same thing every day. However, if you become a lawyer, then you will be able to specialize in different areas. Family law, personal injury, and real estate law are examples of some of the specialties that you may choose. Your job duties will change significantly if you choose a different specialty.

    Law is also a very flexible career. Lawyers are known for working long hours, but they do have a lot of autonomy. In fact, there are some lawyers who have the freedom of setting their own hours and taking time off whenever they need it.

    Constantly Learning

    You will spend a lot of time researching and reading in order to prepare for your cases. Therefore, you will be able to learn a lot even if you do not return to school. The skills that you learn being a lawyer can be applied to other areas, such as management, mediation, and writing.

    Law is a great career that you should definitely consider pursuing. Lawyers get paid well, can specialize in different areas, and are constantly learning. Furthermore, most lawyers are very satisfied with their job.

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    Daniel Adler is a writer who creates articles related to the field of law. In this article, he explains a few benefits of a career in law and programs such as The California Innocence Program where you can donate here.

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