Why Plagiarism Free Content is Important for Digital Marketing?

plagiarism free content

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  • Digital marketing as you know is what we see on the internet. Every blog post or video appears as a result of marketing the content digitally.

    As the internet is overflowed with a bulk of the content, so it is quite cumbersome to save your content from being copied or to avoid plagiarized content.

    This content appears tacitly and ruins your marketing strategy even after great care is taken to avoid similarity.

    The solid reasons which cause such content to appear in your text include the speed with which such content is produced increases the chances of plagiarism. Second, the lack of research may blot your content with such menace.

    Hence, avoiding it and producing unique content free from plagiarism can provide handsome benefits to your content.

    What is digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is a grand field housing many vast marketing disciplines. By definition, it means the advertisement and promotion of your product/service through the use of digital media.

    Let’s talk about its types to understand it better. There are countless ways to market yourself on digital media, however, some of the major types include, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC.

    Each type of marketing requires a well researched and original content for it impacts the readers more than usual writing.

    How plagiarism affects your digital marketing strategy?

    • It affects your website’s SEO:

      According to recent Google algorithm updates if you plagiarize someone’s content you may get a penalty for it. Panda update is an ample example in this matter since Google reserves the right to penalize you if you duplicate content in a manipulative way.

      Even if your copied content gets indexed by Google, it would never appear in search results due to RankBrain algorithms which check your content like a real human as it is based on NLP.

      Irrelevant and duplicate content lays rotten somewhere in the nook and cranny of Google’s database.

      Another case may appear where your content does not index because it is duplicate. Google combines all duplicate content as a lump as selects only the best-written content.

      Chances of getting selected diminish because you are not the original writer instead you copied chunks from the whole text.

      Good SEO is tantamount to higher ranking since, you have ruined your SEO, so you may not be able to get top ranking ever unless you remove such content.

      Therefore, it is a good practice to use a plagiarism checker online to frequently check such content from your text and detect plagiarism.

    • It affects your audience potential:

      First of all, you must know that any kind of marketing which includes the use of the digital medium follows different criteria as compared to traditional advertising.

      In this type of marketing, people voluntarily come to your platform because they need to resolve their problems and find you the best person who can help them solve their issues. Therefore, it is a kind of persuasive marketing.

      Now there are almost 4 and a half million internet users online and billions of web pages on the internet, so the probability of finding the right information increases greatly for the audience.

      So chances are there that people coming to your website have already researched the topic and have come to your website to get some valuable information.

      But if your content is the same run-of-the-mill text copied from different sources, then it may abhor the readers, and they may leave your blog immediately. This will soar the bounce rate of your website which affects ranking badly.

      Likewise, if you fail to gain a foothold online you may rapidly be out-smarted by your competitors and once your ranking decreases, it takes pains to lift up such a website.

    How unique content is good for your website?

    As you know Google likes original content and upvotes it so that its ranking increases. Therefore, you need to buy this idea that plagiarism-free content is important if you want to attain a certain position in digital marketing.

    The reason is simple, Google algorithms demand criteria be followed to get more traffic and reach the first page of search results.

    From the customer end, original sales copy or blog post is essential for grabbing the attention of the audience in purchasing services or products you are selling.

    Marketing plagiarism-free content is bound to generate sales and create a permanent audience, like in the case of the best brands like coca-cola, Tesla, and other top brands.

    These brands have to maintain a peculiarity to remain on the top otherwise they will be crushed by their competitors.

    Another important feature of writing quality content is that it sets you up as an authority in your field. Although this takes time, it has a lasting impact on others.

    Because once you have established yourself as an authority, it creates a different persona which sometimes become unbreakable.

    Other people would refer to your content and build links to your website because your website will have good domain authority.

    Thus, you would automatically get good backlinks. Backlinks help you sustain your ranking position and also increases your position.

    As Google considers backlinks a powerful ranking factor, so your website credibility automatically increases infront of Google.

    Thus it is argued that unique content is always good for digital marketing as it covers the needs of both Google and the audience.

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    Wrapping up:

    Digital marketing appears as a novel agenda to do online business after the 21st century. With the advancement in IT and proliferation of internet, marketing techniques took a turn towards digital world.

    Nowadays, it has morphed into the best gateway to do a business with the easeit provides to its users. As compared to traditional marketing, it is less expensive and more scalable.

    Therefore you can estimate your marketing strategy from time to time to mould it when needed. With that said, digital marketing becomes less effective if your content gets plagiarized.

    Therefore you need to keep it plagiarism free to accrue everlasting benefits of digital marketing.

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