5 Best College Pre-Med Programs in the US

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  • The road to becoming a physician is long and extremely difficult. Taking any 12 year (minimum) post-secondary academic path is brave, but deciding on the pre-medical track is especially so, due to the difficulty of the coursework and the length of time and money spent on school, books and supplies, moving expenses, internships and residencies.

    The best way to prepare for this path is to enroll in one of this country’s best pre-med programs. Taking classes in one of these programs will give you the tools you will need to tackle science and math classes in your undergraduate years, as well as provide you with the knowledge that will serve as the foundation of your medical educational career.

    1) Cornell University

    This Ivy League university gets its pre-med students started on the right track early on in their academic careers. Cornell’s Pre-Health Advising program assists Cornellians with all aspects of the pre-med life, from picking courses to lining up internships to ensuring that you get your Dean’s Certification Letter submitted on time.

    2) Creighton University

    Creighton University’s pre-med program is built around the Jesuit idea of "magis", which means striving for the more. Each of the pre-health sciences advisors at Creighton helps their students do just that, through encouraging excellence in the school’s rigorous math and science courses (where equipment such as stereo microscope systems are used), charity work, and a well-rounded student experience that should take place outside of the often exhausting pre-med track.

    3) Dartmouth College

    This prestigious college offers its students ample opportunities to get work experiences in health settings throughout their undergraduate years. Medical institutions where students gain shadowing opportunities include the Geisel School of Medicine and the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Students interested in dental and veterinary school also get chances to shadow professionals at various medical institutions. According to Dartmouth’s website, Dartmouth students gain acceptance to medical schools at twice the national average.

    4) Boston University

    Boston University is well-known for its accelerated programs that lets accepted freshmen earn both their bachelor’s and medical degrees in seven years. Since you will finish medical school a year early, you will save money on tuition and a myriad of other expenses. Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine also offers a similar program.

    5) Baylor University

    Baylor offers motivated high school students a unique opportunity: to provisionally enroll in medical school while still an undergraduate. Only six high school students a year get this opportunity. Every year, one of the six accepted students will get an $80,000 scholarship, which will help subsidize eight years of undergraduate and medical school education.

    Whatever pre-med program you choose, you will need to keep your nose to the grindstone if you want to get accepted to medical school. Since only 45 percent of medical school applicants get accepted somewhere, getting an acceptance letter will be far from the easiest thing you will ever do. To increase your chances of acceptance, work hard, do a lot of shadowing opportunities, and pay attention to medical school application instructions and deadlines. You will be sure to really feel out the industry and determine if one of these schools is right for you and your future vocation.

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