The Five Fastest-Growing Business Careers For 2014 That You Should Consider

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  • In this contemporary era, many people are opting to pursue careers in the field of business. Doing this can be a prudent decision given all the opportunities for personal and professional advancement that can result from working in the business sector. As many business experts know, there are a plethora of business careers that have an excellent job outlook for 2014. Of the many that exist, the following five are definitely worth your consideration:

    Software Developers

    In this technological era, almost every business interested in being relevant and successful will need to employ software developers. In essence, software developers are responsible for the creative and skillful input that makes computer programs function well. Some software developers create the applications which enable people to perform specific tasks on their computers or other electronic devices. Other software developers create the underlying systems which control networks or run devices. Individuals who choose to become software developers can expect to earn about $99,350 per year.

    Market Research Analysts

    In order to succeed, businesses need to employ competent market research analysts. Although job duties vary, market research analysts are basically responsible for studying market conditions in order to determine what the potential sales for specific products and services would be. Market research analysts help businesses determine what types of goods and services people want, who will purchase them, and how much they will pay for them. If you opt to pursue a career in this field, you can expect to make about $60,300 per year.


    Logisticians are an important aspect of the business world because they are responsible for coordinating and analyzing an organization’s supply chain. As the system that moves products from the supplier to the consumer, the supply chain is an integral aspect of an effective business’s daily processes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for logisticians is 22%, which is must faster than the national average. If you pursue this vocational path, you can expect to earn about $72,780 per year.

    Database Administrators

    Database administrators contribute to the efficiency of businesses by using software to organize and store data like customer shipping records and financial information. They are also responsible for ensuring that this data is available to authorized personnel and remains unavailable to those who are not authorized to access it. Individuals who work as database administrators can expect to earn about $77,080 per year.

    Sales Manager

    A good business owner who wants to ensure that his or her organization experiences continual growth and expansion will be sure to hire a qualified, enthusiastic sales manager. The sales manager is responsible for organising a business’s sales team and plays a primary role in analyzing data, developing training programs, and setting sales goals for an organization’s sales representatives.  An individual who pursues a career as a sales manager can expect to earn about $105,260 per year. Find a variety of sales positions online at to get started in this fast-paced career.

    By opting to pursue work in any of the fields listed above, you can begin or develop a wonderful career that will help you attain the personal and professional success that you want.

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