5 Things to Know Before Sending Your Kid Off To College

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  • As a proud parent, sending your child off to college is tough. They have been in your house and an important part of your life since they were born, and suddenly sending them off can be very difficult for even the most well-adjusted parent. Not only do you need to make sure that they are well-prepared, however, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared as well. What can you do to make the process easier, and what should you keep in mind?

    They Will Not Call As Much as You Like

    College is a very, very busy time, and your child is going to be learning and exploring a great deal. This is likely one of the first times when they can really express their independence, and chances are good that you might not hear from them as much as you like. This does not mean that they no longer care about you; just respect the fact that they are very busy and learning about the world around them.

    Be Okay With Being Happy

    Some parents feel unhappy because they feel they are not unhappy enough when their child leaves to go to college. The truth is that a child going to college signifies a large change in your life. This change often means that you have more privacy, more time to yourself and more resources to spend on yourself. It is okay to be happy about this. Being happy about this does not mean that you love your child any less. Chances are good that your child will be happy for you!

    Calling Home

    At this point, most people have cellphones that they can use to stay in touch, but also remember phones get lost and emergencies do happen. Because of this, many parents, especially ones who are sending their child far away, like to make sure that there are alternate forms of communication. For example, make sure that your child has a calling card on them that has enough money to make the calls that they need. Some parents give their child a cheap cellphone with 100 minutes loaded on it, which they can leave at home and use in emergencies.

    Some Homesickness Is Appropriate

    College is intimidating even for very confident children who seem like they have everything under control. Some homesickness is something that can be expected, so make sure that you are available for calls. Do not be surprised if you get a tearful call from your child at some point. Their feelings are likely all over the place, and they may need your support. It does not mean that they need to come home or that they are always miserable.


    Your child is doing something that hundreds of thousands of people do every year. While some people do have trouble, the vast majority are just fine. Your child is likely having a great time and enjoying themselves as they learn to be adults. This is something that can be a little nervewracking at first, but they will find their way, just like you will.

    Consider your child going to college, and remember that this is the start of something new. There are a number of things that you can do to stay sane and balanced when they do so, so just calm down and take a deep breath. You and your child will be fine!

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