How to Survive (and actually enjoy) Your College Dorm Room

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  • Okay, so aside from that weird roommate, it’s entirely possible to make your dorm a place you actually enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a place you are relieved to escape from the morning and dread going back to at night. At the very least, you can fix it up with the things that you’ll need on any given moment, so you it can become a functional space for you throughout the year.

    The Wake Up Hours

    There are a few things you will want to make sure you have for whenever you wake up.

    1) A Clock (That Doesn’t Need to Be Charged)
    Yes, I use my iPhone too for my alarm. But what about those nights when you forget to charge it and it dies? Those things happen and you want a system where you don’t have to worry about remembering your charger.

    2) A French Press (one Cup, Portable, Awesome)
    This is my favorite way to make coffee and it beats the sludge they sell in the student union. It also beats having to put on clothes before I get coffee. Find a one cup, French press and you will be in caffeinated heaven.

    3) Closet Organizers
    Okay, no, this isn’t a nerdy thing to have – you want the ability to literally just grab something and go. Yes, I hate that early class, too. I personally hate having to hunt for my right shoe even more. Having a type of closet organizer will make everything that much more manageable.

    Bed Time

    4) Decent College Dorm Bedding
    There is something about having really nice bedding – in some awesomely fashionable design – that makes you feel really glad to be asleep. Or whatever you are doing on that bed (we won’t ask).

    5) Shower Caddy
    You don’t want to the head to the showers after a long day, trying to balance everything in your hand. There is something disconcerting about having to bend down to seek out your soap on a rope in the showers. Really, just don’t try it. Buy a shower caddy to take your shampoo, squeegee, and rubber ducky to make life for yourself a little bit simpler.

    6) A Mini Fridge (For Midnight Snacks)
    Mini fridges are not that expensive and you will want one in case you get the midnight munchies. Study sessions in your dorm room will also be that much cooler if you have one of these bad boys stocked full of goodies.

    See? With very little thought and effort, it’s entirely possible to make your dorm your own (somewhat, but not really) private domain.

    And no, they haven’t invented an invisible shield yet to protect you from your roommate.

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