8 Most Essential Foods To Eat Before Exams

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  • Exams can be one of the most stressful times in the life of a student. In order to make sure that students are fully prepared for the test that decides the level of their career, they have to take care of their health so that their mindcan perform atits best. Here are eight foods that can help students refresh their minds before exams:

    A Full Healthy Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, Orange Juice And Toast

    The famous phrase says it all: Eat your breakfast like a king! The best food for the morning of exam is getting a little bit of everything. The only way possible to gain full nutrients is by taking a heavy and nourishing breakfast. Focus on getting protein through eggs, healthy carbohydrates through toast and fiber through orange juice.

    Slow Energizing Breakfast – Oatmeal And Berries

    Another great option for a breakfast that keeps you powered throughout the exam is a warm bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the complex carbohydrates that helps the brain keep active by slowly releasing energy for the next couple of hours. Pairing it up with antioxidant-rich berries can make it all the more powerful breakfast.

    Go Mexican With Proteins With A Burrito

    Burritos and Frittatas are richest sources of protein as Mexicans are very concerned about feeding themselves energizing foods. With a protein-rich bean burrito, a little carb-rich salsa, lettuce for fiber and slow energy releasing tortilla wrap, you will have a breakfast that keeps you energized not only throughout the exam but throughout the entire day.

    Get Some Yoghurt In The System

    Yoghurt is one of the rich sources that keep the brain power at double rate as normal. In Asian culture, yoghurt is normally consumed before any big day in order to power through attention. You can use the same source of energy through plain yoghurt, sweetened yoghurt or a yoghurt filled delicious smoothie.

    Almonds For Better Memory

    According to an old Asian tradition, eleven raw almonds a day can help improve your memory. Almonds are a great source of protein that helps the brain improves its learning power. Just a  few almonds or nuts can help you ace the exam.

    Short Term Boost Through Green Tea

    Nutritionists say a no-no to coffee in the morning of the exam. Strong caffeine can surely help you stay alert during the first few hours of the exam and function at an improved rate but they later drain you as well. Green tea is your best bet if you want some healthy caffeine in the system.

    Maintain Your Omega-3s

    Omega-3s are healthy fats that help maintain and improve the alertness, concentration and brain capacity levels on a regular basis. Best source of omega-3s is fish or fish oil. Before exam, you can prepare yourself a healthy tuna salad or consume fish oil tablets for better exam performance.

    Consumption Of Vitamin B For Memory

    Vitamin B, specifically folic acid and B-12 complex are used by the brain to improve memory power. The need for this vitamin grows with the increase in age, and the best sources of these vitamins are the green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Using some spinach in the scrambled eggs for breakfast can help you function better at your exam.

    Have some of the above mentioned foods before you leave to give your exam so that you are alert and attentive during your examination hours. Such foods also help you increase your focus while you working on your assignmentwritings, essays, course lectures and notes effectively.

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