Being The Master of Your Own Time In College

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  • Your parent’s and teacher’s knack of making things redundant, might have made it nothing but a tasteless gum for you. Right from your high-school days to your first day at college, the importance of  ‘time-management’ has been reduced to a mere life-skills lecture, which gave you the immense pleasure to grab a quick nap sitting at the last bench.

    However, the fact that it’s being re-iterated makes it even more imperative to consider, right?

    Think about the time when you entered the examination hall 15 minutes late and missed the scoring 10 marker to get good grades, or the time when you almost missed the bus and had to take a cab instead!

    It sure does ring a bell somewhere, because we all have played protagonists in the aforementioned scenes. Nevertheless, managing your time till-date stays as the most rudimentary thing to work on. Be it scoring well in  internals or making it to the college basketball team, securing a job overseas or making it big in your professional life ahead, you need to be the master of your own time. Hence, mentioned below are a few essentials that will assist you in this regard.

    Get Yourself Done With A Monthly Calendar

    To get started you need to jot-down all important dates in a month’s calendar. This way you can drop a glance at regular intervals, to keep things going on at the back of your head at least. Note when assignments, reports, lab-sheets and research papers are due. You can also record the dates like those for quizzes, mid-terms, end-sem examinations and project presentations. This will keep you going and focused towards the objectives you’re required to meet every month. A simple task, ain’t it?

    A Priority List-Need of the Hour

    Be it working in one of the best MNCs across the globe or crafting employment out of something your own, prioritizing things is a must in every corner of work arena. Before the week begins and you find yourself struggling with boredom during lectures by Mrs. Pinkman, prepare a weekly to-do list. Pen down things that you need and want to achieve during the next 7 days. Start identifying by what needs to be read, revised or written for each subject you have. Deal in specifics (chapters and pages) to make things clearer. Then considering the due date, start assigning priority and hence time duration for each. For instance, include reading time for research if a semester paper is due. Use the list to segregate long-term assignments into manageable chunks, constantly evaluating progress towards your goals.

    A Few Skills You Need To Inculcate

    Although, the tips mentioned above will surely make it easier for you to keep a track of time. But, there are certain skills you need to inculcate, in order to use the time assigned in an efficacious manner. The most crucial ones are listed below.

    • Start focusing on purpose, rather than the procedure. Think about the reason behind learning a concept and the application it’ll find in your life ahead. Keeping it this way, it’ll be easier for you to assign time to things that need your attention.
    • During tests, lay stress on things that have the highest return on investment. Make sure that you have read about the problem ahead of time. Map the one having highest amount of points per unit of allocated work and keep that on top of the priority list. This way you’re directly utilizing your resource (time) to value (the points you score for each question).
    • Understand the significance of basic things. A building with weak foundation simply can’t withstand the slightest of earthquakes. Likewise, without being efficient at your class work, you simply can’t expect to handle a mid-term with ease. Either be punctual now or fret a day before exam. Choice is yours!
    • Being optimistic is a thing with utmost importance. If you need to go about your schedule with some peace of mind, maintain a positive outlook towards things. Panicking and getting pessimistic about your goals, would only eat up what time you have, if not making your targets hazy.

    You might cram, you might maintain a total cut-off. In short- you desperately figure out every way to reach out to the benchmark hovering above your head. But my friend, it’s a simple thing to be realized. Time is the entity you need to capture, everything else will follow. So without further ado, get going!

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    Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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