A Comprehensive Guide to Being a Mature Student at University

being a mature student at university

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  • One of the most fantastic, fundamental things regarding modern life is that these days, there is neither an age limit nor a time limit, on seeking new opportunities and changing the direction of your life.

    If, for one of a multitude of different possible reasons, you are considering continuing your education after one, five, ten or thirty years or more, then continue reading. Here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is a comprehensive guide to being a mature student at university.

    Embrace Student Life

    Even though you may well have slightly more personal and indeed professional responsibilities than other people on your course, this by no means should result in an automatic decline of every social invitation you receive.

    You will likely be taking your studies substantially more seriously than those who have gone directly from high school into further education, but you are still allowed to let your proverbial hair down at every opportunity.

    Enjoy the Luxury of Choice

    As a mature student, one of the most amazing benefits that are automatically afforded to you is that of choice, in terms of not only the subject in which you have chosen to study but also the university you are going to attend.

    Have a shortlist of around five universities in your local area, or indeed further afield if you choose and utilize the CampusReel acceptance calculator to assess your chances of successfully being admitted.

    You Are Not Automatically Going to Be the Oldest

    If you have been out of the educational system for some time now and are re-entering education after having a family, travelling or for another reason, then you may well be wondering whether you will be the oldest and will subsequently be referred to as the mother or father of the course.

    Relax in the fact that you are far more likely to be in the middle, age-wise, of the other people on your course as these days, people decide to embark upon an undergraduate, postgraduate, and even doctorate at literally any age.

    Create a Study Schedule

    It can be hectic enough balancing a degree study schedule with other personal commitments in modern life, but when it comes to mature students, you seriously need to set aside an allocated amount of time in which to study.

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    Every individual is different, so it may well suit you to work for a couple of hours every evening and give yourself the weekend ‘off’, or else have the week to dedicate to other things and always spend Saturday and Sunday morning working on your coursework.

    Prepare a Dedicated Study Space

    Finally, but just as important and even more imperative if you share your home with a partner, children and a plethora of furry animals, you need to create a space, ideally a room, whereby everyone else in the household knows that when you are working, you are to be left alone.

    Some lucky people concentrate better with noise in the background, but if you are not one of these people, dedicated office space is an absolute must.

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