7 Best Gifts Ideas for Recent College Grads

best gift ideas for recent college grads

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  • College graduation is an enormous step for students.

    The 71% who enroll as teenagers represent the first chapter in their adulthood.

    It’s why parents, grandparents, and siblings should always honor them.

    Here are seven great gift ideas for recent college grads.

    1. Personalized Items

    Post-graduation is a time for former students to get serious about their lives. For some, this means upgrading their existing tools to generate correspondences other than email. A way to do this is to purchase personalized stationery sets for your graduate.

    Companies like StationeryXpress feature a wide selection of logos and fonts. Think about your graduate’s likes before you choose the gift. For instance, they might be interested in a monogrammed letterhead. On the other hand, to enhance school pride present them with personalized stationery with the college’s logo.

    2. Laptop Bed Tray Desk

    A college graduate’s goal is to get a place of their own. Unfortunately, it might not have the space to add a table or desk to increase productivity. The solution to this is a laptop bed tray desk.

    Purchase an adjustable model for your student. It allows them to work from home on their bed or couch. Then, when they need to stretch, they convert the tray into a stand-up desk. Additionally, ensure the desk has plenty of storage for their smartphone, wireless mouse, and other peripherals.

    3. A Planner to Help Them Organize Their Life

    Online calendars are fine for listing upcoming dates. However, they don’t work for a college grad looking to plan the first year of their professional life. Fix this with the gift of a planner.

    It’s the ultimate representation of getting one’s act together. Not only does it offer a scheduling calendar but also pages to plan the future. Look for a planner with a ruler, so your recent college grad can cleanly organize their thoughts.

    4. Luggage for Grads Taking a Gap Year

    Some graduates aren’t eager to join the workforce right after school. Instead, they choose to take a gap year to see the world and determine where they fit in it. If this is your graduate, you need to purchase luggage.

    What you gift them depends on their needs. Someone who wants to backpack through Europe needs a sturdy and lightweight item with numerous storage compartments. Those who decide on trains and planes for transportation need luggage that fits in an overhead storage compartment and under the seats.

    5. A Meal Subscription

    Every college grad needs a meal subscription to transition from the dining hall to cooking their food. Customize the plan to their tastes and consider some alternatives to enhance their taste buds.

    Also, make sure the meal subscription contains detailed preparation instructions. Your grad will be surprised at what they can make if they follow the steps.

    6. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

    Help your grad reduce their carbon footprint with the gift of a self-cleaning water bottle. It works with an internal UV-C light that kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. In addition, this type of water bottle keeps liquids cool throughout the day, thus maximizing your grad’s productivity.

    7. Wireless Charging Mat

    Another way to increase your grad’s sustainability is to get rid of their old-fashion charging cable. Replace it with a wireless charging mat. Have them place it around their place to charge their phone quickly. They can also use it on their desk to actively use their phone while at work.

    The seven gifts for recent college grads are a percentage of the ways to honor their accomplishments. You can also consider products like:

    1. Air-purifying plants
    2. Briefcase or portfolio
    3. Gift cards for online clothing outlets
    4. Coffee subscription plan
    5. New smartphone
    6. Air purifier
    7. 4K television
    8. Pot and pan set
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    You want to purchase gifts your recent grad will use to establish their life outside college. Consider its pros and cons and return on investment return before you make a purchase.

    In the end, your recent college grad will be happy with anything they receive for their accomplishment if they know it’s from your heart. Then, they’ll cherish it for its lifetime.

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