Apartment or Dorm room Decoration Tips

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  • A lot of students today have dorm rooms, but others can afford to rent out entire apartments. Small apartments are most often the case, which begs the question how these places will be decorated as well as the more practical part of the matter. When you do have a smaller space you will need to be more creative in the process:

    Making smart use of mirrored surfaces

    This is one amazing way to fool the eyes into believing your spaces are actually larger. Placing mirrors in specific locations will help with the looks and practicality in questions. Two larger mirrors on opposing walls or some facing a window will allow you to make your rooms appear much larger by comparison to before.

    Using art

    If you do live in a small home, then this still gives you a chance to make use of free walls for art decorations and other spaces. You can get some really nice and inexpensive solutions for your wall decorations, as paintings, photographs and more to make it count.

    Using smarter shelving opportunities

    You will want to save up a lot of space as you live inside your new home, but you will need to make use of any shelving you can use as well. You can also use floating shelving and vases to make things look amazing and be practical in nature.

    Using picture frames

    If you have any empty walls you will need to either leave them or fill them with decorations that are beautiful and made for easier cleaning. House cleaning will be easier when you have to do this to a couple of picture frames rather than heavier or more extensive decorations that need work.

    Using plants as decorations

    There is a good reason why most people enjoy having plants around a home – they are a great chance to have a nice environment and at the same time providing additional benefits such as pleasant scents, clean air and more. Never use plastic plants, simply find the types of plants you like that you are not allergic to and you will have a great time making use of it. They will need low level cleaning once in a while, but the overall results will be a lot more positive than before.

    Lighting and decorations

    If you work things out right, the lighting will really help change the look of your place and its decorations. Put up some pendant lights around the smaller locations around the apartment and this will help create a more welcoming ambiance. Wall sconces will get the job done right, but you will need to have a set of lights that highlight your specific decorations.

    The use of layers

    You should benefit from having separate layers of decorations around the apartment, making for a more welcoming solution of elements you can combine into a whole. Storage ottomans and baskets will be a good storage solution, allowing for easier house cleaning and carpet cleaning, but they can serve as a decoration of sorts with the right approach.

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