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  • With the cost of college rising more and more, recent high school graduates are in search of alternative employment opportunities that don’t necessarily involve flipping burgers or working in retail.

    Many of these short-term positions do not offer the financial stability students crave, and they provide few opportunities for potential promotions into better paying positions.

    However, finding the right type of career and affordable training can be a substantial challenge after graduating from high school.

    Both studies and experience indicate that young adults that are proud of their work and able to make ends meet are far less likely to become involved with criminal activities that may lead to imprisonment. Encouraging students to take advantage of opportunities in technological repair and maintenance may be a potential avenue for success. Many of these positions offer higher rates of pay and potential opportunities continued improvement.  

    HVAC Maintenance Example

    Maintenance-related careers often require a minimal amount of additional training beyond high school, but can offer a great deal of opportunity.

    For example, HVAC technicians do a number of maintenance activities related to heating and cooling such as installing devices, repairing them, and doing regular service on them.

    Becoming an HVAC technician only requires approximately 9 months of additional training beyond high school and some certification, though with multiple years of experience, tasks can become even more complex.

    Regular maintenance in equipment used by most of the population is essential.

    For instance, during an air conditioner checkup, an HVAC technician would be responsible for assessing motor friction, checking electrical connections, adjusting refrigerant levels, inspecting drainage, and making sure everything is clean and unclogged.

    Each of these steps ensure clients are able to adequately cool their homes during the hottest parts of summer.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an upwards of 15 percent job growth in HVAC technicians through 2026, indicating that people with HVAC skills will continue to be in demand. Most HVAC maintenance companies are reluctant to hire anyone without a certification. However, there are a number of programs that work to funnel interested students in that direction.

    Creating a Launch Board

    Within maintenance and manufacturing fields, acquiring skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges. This is why so many small businesses and companies are excited about programs that are able to help steer young people into these fields. It is believed that many avoid this career path because they are worried that companies are replacing workers with machines. However, many companies are discovering that as machines replace lower-level positions, new ones open up that require greater skill.

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    A number of careers in technology offer the basic training for young entrepreneurs to open their own small businesses. For instance, with a some level of mechanical and technological training, it could be possible to open a small business focused on fixing hard drives and solving other tech issues. Hard drive recovery costs between $500 and $2,500, which can be a lucrative way to use mechanical skills.

    Encouraging students to pursue careers in technical maintenance can be a huge benefit to them. Many of these careers are growing and in need to qualified professionals to fill positions. These jobs offer a number of opportunities to move up and continue developing skills, which can help young students and workers achieve their financial goals.

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