Keep Your Options Open: 4 Versatile College Degrees to Consider

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  • Many people often think that when they select a college degree they need to know exactly what job they want to use that degree for.

    They also believe they need to know the specific field they plan to work in.

    There are many college degrees that are highly versatile and will give you the means to move through different fields of work during your career.

    Choosing a versatile degree can give you a major edge over your competition after you graduate. Additionally, it can also give you a great deal of career flexibility. Here are four versatile college degrees that will give you both an advantage and the power of flexibility.

    Business Administration

    Business administration is a degree that has a massive umbrella when it comes to career opportunities. It basically consists of taking a very wide range of business courses that will build your foundation for a large variety of careers in the business world. That wide range of courses will give you a diverse portfolio of experience and is literally applicable in almost any profession.

    For example, a business administration degree can lead to a career in project management, marketing, finance, human resources, and will give you a leg up to move straight into a management-level position in most major industries.

    Finance Degree

    A degree in finance is vital to many different positions in the corporate world. Every company wants to turn a profit and have a strong bottom line, and having that finance degree makes you highly marketable as a candidate after you graduate.

    Some of the potential careers that someone with a finance degree could pursue fresh out of college include: wealth management, financial planning, accounting, insurance sales, accounts receivable management, and any finance-related position at a mid-to-large company.

    Computer Science

    Technology has never been so important and has never been growing as such a rapid rate. A computer science degree can make you a strong candidate to work on the tech side of literally any industry from healthcare to sports. You learn all the major aspects of computer science, including things like programming, software and hardware, data management, and even coding. While many people with this degree go on to work in the tech sector, it is a valuable degree in a variety of fields.

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    A communications degree used to mean that people went directly into writing or media. Today, employers are seeking out communications majors for their specific skillsets that they develop that fall in the niche capacity. This is an exceptionally versatile degree that can lead to a job in things like journalism, public relations, marketing, business, politics, and more.

    There are many versatile degrees out there that can give you a strong benefit. A graduate with a niche degree is really only marketable in the niche field they chose to get a degree in. You may think that graduating with a degree that isn’t highly specific means you don’t know what you want to do. It’s just the opposite. It opens the doors wide for you to work in multiple fields as well as transition fields as your career develops.

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