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Going Home for the Summer

It’s the universal truth of every freshman. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to need or want to have on hand at school so you pack light figuring you can ask your parents to mail you the things you’re missing or you can simply buy new or substitute items at the stores near campus. […]

Viruses And Scams That Students Should Avoid

Today, almost every student has access to a computer or smart device that allows him or her access the internet. This could be for purpose of education and/or entertainment. In turn, file sharing has gained popularity in equal manner. Unfortunately, both these practices expose the user to all sorts of computer viruses and internet scams […]

How To Build Credit In College: Paying The Rent Helps

To the everyday college student, the term “credit” may not mean much. Many of them may feel it’s something only people their parents’ age and older have to worry about. In the meantime they focus on their college studies, and think they don’t need to worry about their financial reputation. But that couldn’t be further […]

Filtering Fact From Fiction: The Realities of Fraternity Life

When parents imagine sons going away to college, they conjure John Belushi tilting a full bottle of whiskey back before engaging in a night of decadence.  Of course, Hollywood movies stretch truth to entertain, and yet with gossip of hazing, concerning anecdotes and stories of misappropriate behavior in the press, some parents are stressed sons […]

Tips To Avoid Getting Sick In College

When you attend college, you do not want to waste time being sick.  Some tips can help you stay healthy throughout the school year.  Eating Right Can Help You Maintain Your Health A college student’s life is very busy.  When you have classes, extracurricular activities, and new friends, you may be tempted to skip meals, […]

Campus Fun: Halloween Treat Ideas

With Halloween looming on the horizon, fraternities and sororities will be cooking up various party ideas to mark the occasion. So, why not create a tasteful and flavor-filled event by baking and mixing your way to a spooktacular Halloween? You can do so by putting together the following Halloween treats and snacks to mark this […]

6 Exercise Strategies for College Students

College students are in tip-top shape and do not have to worry about exercise, right? Well, no. Even with walking or biking to classes included in what they do, many students may find themselves living a much more sedentary life than what they would prefer or at least know what they should pursue. With busy […]