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Addressing Security Concerns In The New Educational Paradigms

The recent incident of Edward Snowden and the issue of data surveillance has led many to demand increased regulations within the internet ecosphere. Over the years, the internet has grown with virtually no checks and balances, and the popularization of social media has also led to widespread usage of online platforms in different industries, including […]

Accident at College: What To Do?

College is supposed to be all about dreams, aspirations, fun times and new friends. Without doubt that makes up a vast majority of your college time, however just like everything else in life, college life has it’s up and downs. When we’re ready to set out to college all we can envisage is a blank […]

The State of Mental Health on College Campuses

Life at college is supposed to be the things dreams are made of. Ever since we’re old enough to walk, all we think about is escaping the confines of our restricted youth and setting ourselves free at university. Living alone, cooking our own food and finally fending for ourselves We get to harness our academic […]

Five Ways That a DUI Could Limit Your Career Options

Getting arrested or convicted for DUI, driving under the influence, is an eye-opening experience that may change the course of your life as well as that of those you love. In addition to the myriad of problems associated with such a charge, having a DUI on your record may affect current and future employment opportunities. […]

How To Save Money On All Your College Supplies

One thing is for certain. College is expensive. However, this isn’t only the case for tuition and room and board. College school supplies can also cost a pretty penny. This is why saving money where you can is important. Below is a short list of different ways you can save money on your college supplies. […]

Campus Couture: Leather Jackets Collegiate Style

A leather jacket is one of those wardrobe staples that is always in style. It’s a simple must-have piece that will take you from classes to parties and adds a touch of rocker-chic to your style. You can test the waters with a cheap version, but if you love the look, don’t be afraid to […]

Four Ways Students Can Start Building Credit

Building a good credit score is very important for a young adult just getting started on their own. You’re young and independent, but if you misuse the financial freedom easy credit provides, it can come back to bite you in a big way further down the road. Banks aren’t going to want to lend you […]

5 Tricks to Spend Less on School Supplies This Semester

New school supplies are a necessity every semester. It can be hard to predict how much the supplies will cost especially when starting completely new classes. Fortunately, there is no need to spend a huge amount just to get everything on the school supply list. These five tricks will help anyone to be ahead of […]