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The Challenges Faced by College Students and How They can Cope

college challenges

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  • College is an amazing opportunity filled with ups and downs.

    However, these experiences are still part of the journey people go through, eventually helping them figure out their true self.

    While University may be a memorable experience, it still does come with rough patches from time to time. Some students are able to handle these rough patches, while others aren’t, which in turn leads to them dropping out of college, for one particular reason or another.

    These challenges, if paid attention to, can be handled with the proper guidance. Such challenges students face while on campus are:

    1) Studying.

    Let’s face it, studying is one of the biggest challenges faced by campus students. Simply because campus comes with too many distractions, which make it hard for you to find the time study. It’s either you are being invited to a party, or simply ‘hanging out’ with your close friends, or playing sports and attending club events.

    The campus has numerous activities, all exciting to participate in, which leads to one forgetting the key objective, or failing to find the time to complete the objective, which is to study.

    Furthermore, University, unlike high schools, packs four years of content into the three years or two years you would be in school. Some students still try to cram it all up by taking 15-18 credit semesters. In addition to their distractions, this makes it even harder to find the time to study.

    This problem can, however, be solved if a student simply knows their limits. University is to study and further your education. So, if 15 unit semesters are too much, reduce. Take the longer, and most efficient road, not the shorter and inefficient road.

    Also, try to find a balance with your time, so that you can partake in each activity without compromising on another.

    2) Homesickness.

    Joining campus means leaving home, and for many, this is an exciting yet still nerve-racking feeling. No one knows what to expect while on campus. For many, this is their first time being far from home, which then leads to students feeling homesick.

    Being homesick does not necessarily mean one misses home, however; it is merely the fact that they have not found another place to call home.

    The best way to deal with this, would first, not be by going back home, as this will only make the feeling stronger every time a student is back at school. Taking steps such as occasional weekend visits, or phone calls and other forms of communication, would be most effective in making that feeling fade away.

    3) Relationships.

    Relationships are not a problem. However, while on campus, some relationships can be overwhelming for students. In every relationship, there are times when the couples may disagree; this then leads to a lack of concentration from students, increased stressed levels, depression from breakups etc.

    Relationships vary with the couples, so one piece of advice is hard to give. However, such distractions are solved by reconciling with the partner, or seeking counseling advice if such a service is provided in the school. This will help you cope with the situations.

    other valuable tips:

    4) Drugs.

    This is a big challenge faced by students, Drugs sold within their university. Some students engage in drug use due to ‘peer pressure’ eventually leading to them losing themselves. Even in an educational environment like college where the opposite is supposed to happen.

    Drug use is another major reason for student dropouts while on campus and is a challenge faced by every student.

    A student can effectively avoid being involved in this activity simply by knowing their values and morals. Also by taking their parents teachings and implementing them in their everyday life while on campus.

    In conclusion, these are just some of the challenges faced by campus students while they are undergoing higher level learning. Everyone goes through them, from the Alumni to the freshmen. Ask a group of college students the biggest challenges they face, or have faced, and you will surely spot the topics discussed above in their answers.

    There are college students facing these challenges who have no clue, and no guidance. Therefore, sharing this article will play a part in helping other individuals manage and cope with these challenges, just as it did for you.

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