Common Bicycle Repairs You Can Do Yourself

common bicycle repairs you can do yourself

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  • When you ride your bike, you will inevitably encounter mechanical problems or flat tires.

    You need a working bicycle to get from the dorm to class to work and back.

    Otherwise, you won’t get where you need to go in time. Here are some of the most common bicycle repairs you can do yourself.

    Patch a Punctured Tire or Tube

    Don’t feel intimidated by the idea of handling your tires on your own. Bicycle tires aren’t like car tires—you can still use them with a quick patch up and finish your ride before replacement.

    But you must know about fixing a flat tire while on the road. First, you’ll need a patch kit to keep any more air from escaping. Many saddle packs include patch kits, a replacement tube, and a multitool—everything you’ll need to get back on track.

    A punctured tire means you have a small hole leaking air from your tire or tube, and you’ll soon have a flat tire. You won’t need anything fancy to patch the tire.

    You can simply use one of the pre-glued or vulcanizing patches in your kit and place it directly over the hole. Firmly press down on this strip to ensure it’ll stay put for the remainder of your travels.

    Chain Problems

    Though every component is critical for bicycle operation, the chain is the component that transforms your physical exertion on the pedals into movement on the wheels. When your chain isn’t working correctly, you have no hope of turning your wheels.

    It’s common for your chain to slip off the gears, and you’ll need to reattach it. You won’t need any tools besides your hands!

    Place the chain into the rear cog’s bottom groove first, then lay the chain across the remaining teeth on top. Once you have these pieces aligned, turn the pedal a few times to ensure the chain is in place.

    You should also pay attention to the state of your chain. If it’s become rusty or grimy, you shouldn’t ride with it until you’ve had a chance to degrease it.

    This process includes cleaning the chain of all debris then lubricating it for a smooth ride. Depending on your riding conditions, you should do this frequently anytime you notice dirt accumulating in your chain.

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    Issues With Nuts and Bolts

    Your bike relies on certain nuts and bolts to keep the seat in place during your ride. Use an aerosolized greaser to get into the cracks of the stuck seat post.

    Let the grease work for a few hours, then try moving the seat again. You should also watch for loose bolts and tighten them as needed.

    Once you know the common bicycle repairs you can do yourself, you can rest easy taking long rides into new territory. If you ever encounter more challenging bike repair problems, don’t work beyond your limits.

    You should always take your bike to a professional when serious or repetitive issues occur.

    Image Credit: common bicycle repairs you can do yourself by Pixabay

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