Cycling as a Fun Way to Stay Physically Active While in College

stay physically active in college

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  • College is often titled as the best time of your life.

    You’re finally independent, you’re figuring out life as an adult, you’re making new friends, and you’re learning all about the things you love.

    Getting your life in order through college seems like an excellent idea on paper, too.

    In reality, this is also the hardest part of your life. All those new opportunities and figuring out how to function on your own are followed by poor nutrition and lack of exercise because you simply don’t have the time or the money.

    Being a student, you’re also under a lot of stress due to deadlines and exams. There are certain expectations you need to fulfill and certain grades you need to get, for your own sake but also for the sake of your parents. This pressure and stress is all the more reason to keep up with your health.

    Exercising during your college years don’t have to be an impossible task. Instead of saving for gym memberships or wasting money on exercise groups, do yourself a favor and put all that money towards a bike. A high-quality bicycle is exactly what you need to keep up with your exercise needs without compromising your busy schedule.

    1. Saving money

    The one common thing all students have in common is not having money. While going to college, you’re basically sacrificing every dime for your education. There isn’t much money left for everyday needs and exercising is considered a luxury few can afford.

    You basically have to choose between money for food or going hungry just so you can exercise. When you remember that you need to pay for books and save money towards paying off college debt, you realize that you can barely even afford food. How the hell do you afford to exercise, then?

    With a bike, this is a no brainer. If you don’t have a bike already, you’ll only have to invest in it once. Owning a bike is much more budget-friendly than owning a car.

    Bikes don’t need to be maintained as often and they don’t require gas, meaning that you save a lot in the long run. If you’re one who takes public transport, you won’t have to spend money on monthly or annual passes anymore.

    A bike is a student’s best friend when it comes to saving money. It’s a fun way to exercise and it doesn’t require anything but your own two legs to make it work. With all the money you saved, you’ll be out of debt in no time and you might even have something extra to spend on festival tickets or parties. After all, what’s college without a little fun?

    2. Saving time

    Most forms of exercise are simply not doable for an average student. You have to set aside at least an hour and a half or two of your day to go to the gym or to complete a home workout. If you live in a dorm, you probably don’t even have enough room to do a quality workout anyway. Affording a gym membership is also challenging for most average students. This is why cycling is perfect.

    You’ll get to fit in your workout while you do your errands and while you go to class. If you live off-campus, you won’t have to commute via car or public transport any longer. All you’ll have to do is hop on your bike and go where you want to go. There’s no more waiting on the bus, tram, or subway, and no more struggle finding a parking space near the university building.

    If you live on campus, you could still go around by bike. Campuses are usually huge and take a while to walk across, but with a bike, you’ll be from building to building in no time. Of course, your life doesn’t only consist of college, sand you’ll get to explore the city you live in on bike without any problems either. Thus, your schedule will be intact and you won’t have to set aside any extra time for working out, but your health will be optimal and you’ll get the exercise you need.

    3. Engaging all your muscles

    You’ll no longer have to worry about getting a full-body workout when you’ve got so much to study and to do. Cycling engages all of your muscles and gives you the workout you’ve dreamed of.

    Your legs might do most of the work, but the rest of your body is basically doing resistance training. It takes a lot of focus, determination, and strength to hold a balance on a bike, especially when we’re talking about a long ride.

    As your whole body is making an effort to stay comfortably on the bike, and as you swoop between buildings on campus, your legs work overtime to get you to your destination fast and easy. Your back muscles stretch, your stomach tightens, and thus your core muscles are involved in the process, too. Thus, you can see that the whole body really does work towards building strength.

    Cycling is also great cardio, regardless of if you’re just zooming to class or going for a ride to clear your head from studying. As it gets your blood pumping, your energy levels also increase, and blood with fresh oxygen gets to your brain more easily.

    This gives you the energy, will, and motivation to keep going, but also to study. You might tire your body out after a demanding ride, but your brain will be wide awake, allowing you to study more efficiently than ever before.

    4. Being more eco-friendly

    Lastly, cycling isn’t only good for you, but also for the environment. Whether you’re using your bike to commute or to get extra exercise in, you’re going to be helping the Earth stay green and healthy. Bikes use natural fuel- your energy- and therefore don’t leave any waste behind them. You won’t have to stop at a gas station to refuel, you won’t have to waste money on gas, and you won’t have to participate in accumulating any kind of waste or letting any kind of chemicals go into the atmosphere.

    As someone with a future degree, you should be conscious enough to realize that the state of the environment directly depends on how we treat it. An individual can make an impact and contribute to the well-being of the world fairly easily. You and your bike will prove that and hopefully inspire more students to do the same.

    Cycling through your college years and later through life isn’t only fun and fulfilling, but also a sort of responsibility to the world.

    5. Making sure you have the right equipment

    Cycling may be fun and easy, but that doesn’t mean you get to do it anyhow you want. For your bike rides to go smoothly, whether they’re on or off-campus, you’ll need to have the right equipment with you. This way, you’ll be ready for anything and won’t have to worry about getting hurt or getting thirsty.

    It’s especially important to carry the equipment with you as a beginner. That way you ensure that your first bike experiences are positive and you give yourself courage and motivation to keep up with the hobby.

    The first thing you’ll need to buy is a sturdy helmet. This way you’ll have protection in case of falls and will avoid injuries that could otherwise be very serious. A pair of cycling gloves should also be on the list, as they will keep your fingers snug and comfy for the whole ride. They also won’t let the wind damage your skin.

    Finally, bike shoes should be mandatory. You’ll have a much lower chance of twisting your ankle or hurting your foot or leg while cycling and in case of falls.

    As far as other equipment is concerned, always make sure you have a camelback water bottle and some protein bars on you. Staying hydrated while you ride is essential, as your body will need material to sweat without compromising the optimal function of your organs. You’ll get a nice refreshing boost and keep yourself healthy regardless of how long the ride is. The protein bars are there to fuel your muscles and give you extra energy when you don’t think you can ride further. You’ll be glad to have a snack like that after a long ride to classes or on breaks from lectures. Protein also helps you build muscle, so you know you won’t be just doing cardio while cycling.

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    Cycling might be the best thing to happen to any college student. It’s cheap, convenient, easy, and allows you to stay on track of your student life without problems. Exercising regularly during your college years will form a habit you’ll nurture for life. Your bike will be your best friend during and after your early adult years. It will help you nail the challenges of adulthood and stay on top of your health even at your busiest. You can say goodbye to the excess of stress you’re bound to feel, too.

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