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  • The business industry offers many different employment opportunities.

    Chances are that no matter what your personal skills and strengths are, you can find a business-related career where they’ll be an advantage.

    While a bachelor’s degree in business is a great education starting point, some of these careers require more specialized or advanced schooling.

    From working as an auditor to venturing into business law, these career ideas can help you to get started.

    Business Leadership Roles

    Business leadership roles are probably what most people envision when you talk about majoring in business in college. If you’re hoping to hold one of these positions, you might be planning to become the CEO of a major corporation, or maybe you want to become the manager of a regional business chain. There are countless leadership opportunities in the business field, many of them tasked with plenty of responsibility and decision-making requirements.

    It’s important to consider your personality traits and whether you’d be comfortable taking charge at a company. Leading a team of people and overseeing a company’s success is a serious challenge, but those traits are also why some people are drawn to these business leadership roles.

    With many different leadership and management styles available, you’ll want to think about the styles that resonate with you, personally. If you’re a dynamic leader who can inspire and motivate those around you, then you’ll probably have a transformational leadership style. But if you believe that your entire team should be able to weigh in on important decisions, you’ll probably adopt a democratic leadership style.

    If you’re planning for a leadership or management career, a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or accounting will help to start you on the path. Earning an MBA from a top school can make you more competitive if you have your sights set on a large business and competitive career.

    Data Analytics Careers

    While excellent communication and people skills are a must in a business leadership role, data analytics careers may appeal to you if you’re a little more introverted. Data analytics are heavily used in marketing, but they also offer benefits when applied to inventory management, such as by implementing low inventory alert strategies and by eliminating excess inventory.

    If you think that the data analytics field is right for you, plan to earn not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree. There are plenty of quality programs that will prepare you for a data analytics career.

    Auditing Opportunities

    Auditing is another business-related career that often goes overlooked, but auditors are integral to a business’ success. Tasked with reviewing a company’s financial statements and spotting errors, auditing combines the business and financial worlds. Attention to detail and math skills are important, but if you enjoy working with both people and numbers, a career as an auditor might be the perfect fit.

    To pursue a career as an auditor, you will need to go on past the bachelor’s degree level to earn a Master of Accountancy or another closely related advanced degree. With technology evolving and holding a more central role in business operations, auditors will need to develop a working knowledge of not only finances, but also of the technology that businesses have come to depend on.

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    Business Law

    If you’re trying to decide whether a career in business or in law is right for you, you don’t necessarily have to choose. Business law demands that you think both like a businessperson and like a lawyer. You’ll help businesses navigate the legalities of start-up operations, hiring employees, managing tax laws, and more. As a business lawyer, you could work for the government, as an in-house attorney, or as a trial lawyer.

    Becoming a business or corporate lawyer requires a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to business. You’ll also need to attend law school, pass the Bar Exam, and then complete continuing education courses so that you can continue to practice law. Expect to spend at least seven years in school to become a business lawyer.

    Additional Business Fields

    With an entrepreneurial spirit, you can explore nearly countless business-related careers:

    1. If you love helping people and solving their problems, a career in sales might be ideal.
    2. If you’re talented in graphic design, writing, or strategizing projects, you might enjoy working in marketing.
    3. Well-spoken and detail-oriented? A career in public relations may mean that you engage with the public and help businesses develop their brand image.
    4. With a strong background in technology and design, you could become a website designer or SEO strategist.

    A background in business can help in any of these fields, though you may need some additional specialized education or training. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree in business is a great first step in your education. With this foundation in business, you can pursue a master’s degree in a specialized field that will help pave the path to your ideal business career.

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