Disturbing Parents’ Habits for Students

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  • Parents have direct effects on kids and today, in this article, we’ll discuss those disturbing Parents’ habits which affect their children, who are students.

    The relation of parents and children is an unbreakable bond. It begins at the moment a child open his/her eyes, experiences a lovely touch of parents. Parents complete their kids, just like children bring colors to parents’ life.

    As parents are closest relatives of any individual, their impacts on kids are also quick and prominent. Their good habits give birth to goodness in their child because every child follows his/her parents. But, bad habits of parents will definitely destroy the personality of their child.

    This article will further focus on disturbing parent’s habits which affect their scholar children pretty badly.

    Alcohol Addiction

    The worst habit parents develop is alcohol addiction. They start from a little alcohol per day and eventually get habitual. Alcoholics lose control of their personality and do stuff which is improper and unacceptable.  Children of alcoholic parents handle their fathers and mothers in unconscious states and get completely disturbed due to this whole scenario. They keep thinking about their parents and pay less attention to their education.


    Another habit, adopted by mostly parents, is smoking. It damages the health of smokers and people around them as well. Children get lung issues due to smoker parents, as they smoke in front of them and care less about children’s health. Bad health leads to bad educational performance. 


    Many parents are habitual of criticism and they can’t help it. Due to this habit, their tone of talking normally also gets pretty harsh. They criticize their children on smallest issues, resulting in damaged personalities of kids. Over-criticism makes children feel like they are not cared and loved by their parents, so it’s fine to pay less attention to studies and get indulged in bad habits. They lose their confidence and try to stay out of everybody’s eye.

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    The habit of argumentation in parents is also quite detrimental for children. When parents shout and conduct long aggressive arguments in home and in front of children, they gives wrong message of violence to their kids. Students who face such situations at home, are unable to concentrate on studies even in school. They try to get a way out of this all and end up doing wrong things. Parents don’t realize that their habit of quarreling makes their children less of a student andmore of a criminal. 

    Gender Discrimination

    Some parents are habitual of promoting gender discrimination. They keep telling their girls about boys being strong and ruling, and tell their boys about girls being delicate and emotional. Putting such differences in children’s minds affect their educational performance. Girls start performing less due to the thought of their brothers are resilient, whereas boys begin thinking that parents care more for sisters and start neglecting studies to get attention.

    Competitive nature

    Another bad habit of parents is to be over competitive in order to prove themselves superior to others. They begin comparing their kids’ school grades with other’s kids and pressurize their children to score more and more. This pressure becomes stress for students anddecreases their overall performance.

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