Earn Top Dollar: 5 College Majors That Are Worth The Effort

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  • A college degree is an investment in every sense of the word. You are not only investing your time but investing in a degree that can open the gateway to a high paying career. The other investment is of course money, so you really need to make the right choice of study, so that your six-figure graduate school debt suddenly seems more worthwhile after you land a top job paying top dollar.

    What to study

    If you have a real head for figures then you might consider becoming an actuary, or studying for a degree that is strongly related to the fields of pharmacy and chemistry could be rewarding. Business-related fields are also known to lead to high salaries, so you definitely need to choose wisely. Here are some of the top college majors that can lead to a high-flying career that is financially rewarding. When you construct your resume using one of these templates, you have a higher chance of earning a high salary if you go for one the following majors.


    The vast majority of engineering degrees you can study for have a fairly high starting salaries compared to some other industries, but petroleum engineering is one of the highest paid of them. If the idea of a starting salary that is close to $90,000 and a mid-career salary that is going to break $150,000 sounds good, then a career in petroleum engineering would be well worth studying for. You should be aware that this is actually a fairly specialized and complex subject to study for with no more than 1,000 students each year graduating with this qualification. The good news though, is that you should find yourself in demand with oil companies and oil production manufacturers.

    Applied mathematics

    If you have the aptitude and skill to tackle a degree in applied mathematics, it could set you on a rewarding career path. This a highly practical degree that gives you the chance to work in a variety of fields and you could find yourself in a job with a construction company or become involved in finance or education. The ability to calculate costs, make accurate forecasts and predictions and even design systems, means that your applied mathematics degree should get you a starting salary that is around $50,000.

    Computer science

    This is a fascinating subject for many, as it looks at the interactions between humans and computers. Computer science is a relatively broad major that opens the doors to a career in a fairly diverse range of industries, such as software publishing, computer system development and research. The average starting salary for a computer science graduate is $53,800, which makes it one of the best majors in monetary terms.


    There are so many well-paid jobs available in nursing throughout the country, so it is a good degree to have as it opens up a wide job market and the salary range is attractive. Nursing graduates are in demand and you should be able to command a starting salary in excess of $50,000 if you have a bachelor’s in nursing on your resume.

    Construction management

    If you want a career that is literally more hands-on that a lot of others, you should consider a construction management degree. A combined interest in building and development is the perfect career for someone who likes practical labor-orientated tasks but likes to also consider the management aspects of a project. The average starting salary is around $49,000 and you can expect to be earning over $80, 000 as a mid-career salary. If you want to have a rewarding career in terms of job satisfaction and salary package, these are five of the top college majors that can help you achieve these goals.

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