Undecided Major? The Advantages of Working in the Medical Field

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  • It’s time to make a decision about your major, and you’re unsure of what field to pursue. If you’re strong in math and science and have felt an interest in the medical field, now could be a great time to explore some of these career possibilities as you plan your educational goals.

    Registered Nurse

    Registered nurses are in great demand. It’s a job with much growth potential, especially if you commit to it for the long-haul and explore higher education options down the road. And it’s no longer just a field for women. More men are attending nursing school than ever before, with the percentage of male nursing students now in double digits.

    Medical Assistant

    Overworked doctors appreciate qualified help, and that’s one reason medical assistants are another fast growing field. Medical assistants are trained to help doctors in clinics and offices. Their work combines administrative tasks with clinical work, including helping in patient exams and lab work. Different states have different requirements for medical assistant training, but it’s possible that you can get a job with just a high school degree and some on-the-job training. It could be an interesting job to pursue while studying for further advancement in the medical field.

    Home Health Aide

    With the baby boom generation growing older, there’s a need for good caregivers who can provide reliable and trustworthy care to elders in their home. This may include running errands and performing tasks like helping patients to bathe and dress, in addition to supervising the taking of medications.

    Pharmacy Technician

    Another role that you can learn while on-the-job, pharmacy techs have the important task of ensuring that medications are properly dispensed. This is another field with healthy growth trends.

    Health Information Technician

    If you find yourself drawn toward technology, this could be for you. There’s a great demand for reliable and consistent record-keeping in the complex health care delivery system today.

    Physical Therapist

    There can be great satisfaction in helping patients manage pain, whether it results from injury, disability or age. Physical therapists perform an important health care role for their patients. This is a great option for those interested in rehabilitation and sports injuries.

    These are a few of the in-demand jobs in the medical field today. They promise the satisfaction of helping patients as well as potential for job growth. As you decide on a major, it might be worth your while to explore these possibilities and tailor your education to prepare for one of these exciting jobs.

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