Embrace Your Creativity: 4 Degrees to Consider for an Artistic Career

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  • College is great when you have a specific vision about enhancing your skills.

    This is especially true for those who want to attend college to boost their creativity.

    Here are some great majors for those who want a boost in their creative juices.

    Fine Arts

    Fine arts is a great major because its curriculum encourages people to learn about various types of artistic media. If you become a fine arts major, you will learn about various types of painting such as oil painting, watercolor painting and acrylic painting.

    You will also learn about various techniques that give your paintings texture. You may also learn about other, non-painting related arts, such as sculpting. Eventually, you may be challenged to create pieces of art that include using more than one medium.

    Fashion Design

    Fashion design is a great major to go for when you want to go for a creative major while also going for something that is relatively practical. Majoring in fashion design endows you with the ability to design and sew your own pieces of clothing from scratch.

    The great thing about fashion design is that you can design things from scratch that you can wear—things that truly express who you are, what you love and what you stand for. You can share your beloved style with others.


    Illustration is another great art major for those whose who want to boost their creativity. Like the fine arts major, the illustration major endows with you with knowledge of various mediums and artistic materials. However, there are some unique aspects to an illustration major.

    For example, you adopt the mindset that you are telling a story with your illustrations. The work of illustration majors may be more limited to images on paper than the out-there things that you might find fine arts majors doing.

    Textile Design

    Textile design is a lesser known major that involves designing the appearance of textiles. Subjects like dying and printing on fabric are explored. People who pursue textile design majors generally do a lot of screen printing. They learn about various techniques and patterns, such as the half-drop-repeat.

    other valuable tips:

    If you pursue textile design, it helps to have good drawing skills and an ability to imagine images that would look good and be able to draw them. This is especially useful when you are designing images to screen print on fabrics.

    In conclusion, these are four majors that you should pursue in college if you want to boost your creativity.

    • Fashion design is great when you want to learn how to create an endless amount of clothing styles.
    • Textile design is a major that you can go into if designing the appearance of fabric is what tickles your fancy.
    • Fine arts is great because it teaches you about using many different media and encourages you to think outside the box to an arguably superfluous extent.
    • Illustration approaches art from the perspective of telling a store. The above degrees may also make it possible for you to start your own creative business.

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