Does the End of the Semester Have You Anxious? Here’s 4 Ways You Can Get Help

make you anxious

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  • The close of the semester causes many different emotions.

    Some people might be relieved while others become very stressed.


    Don’t despair if you find yourself at the “stressed” end of the spectrum. There are resources at hand to lift you out of that funk.

    Get a Hobby

    It’s important to take breaks. Developing a hobby provides a mental and even physical escape. The hobby needn’t be complex (and indeed shouldn’t be if your workload is intense).

    Try something like a coloring book or curating a playlist. Organize a board game night with friends. Exercise your creativity with something besides school. Your brain will thank you.

    Eat Healthy

    You might be tempted to “let go” as the exams and deadlines loom. It’s easy to indulge in junk food because it’s quick and easy when you’re distracted. Don’t give in. Proper nutrition keeps you alert and able to remember important facts.

    Aim for three square meals a day and minimize constant snacking. Proteins like cheese, meat, and eggs have a direct and positive impact on your neurotransmitters. If you do need to snack, reach for vegetables and fruits instead of chips or cookies.

    Speak to a Professional

    Venting to friends and family about your stress offers a lot of relief. If you’re noticing constant or persistent stress issues, however, then you might consider counseling. Counselors provide a neutral ground for you to process your emotions.

    They can also give you practical tips for managing stress. These techniques are often geared towards improving your self-esteem as well. That sets you up for success beyond the classroom. Your school might even offer these services for free.

    Avoid All-Nighters

    All-nighters are sometimes considered a rite of passage in school. You may know a lot of people who have found themselves working into the wee hours of the morning. (You might even be one of them.) Avoid the practice if you can.

    other valuable tips:

    All-nighters are very detrimental to your health. Your circadian rhythm governs the cycle of how awake or sleepy you feel in 24 hours. Staying awake for too long resets this rhythm and makes you lose track of time. That could lead to missed assignments.

    You’re almost to the finish line. Develop these techniques into healthy habits as the semester winds down. Taking care of yourself is the best reward for doing well in school.

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