Unique Hobbies to Take Up in College

unique hobbies

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  • College is an optimal place not only to gain valuable education but to pick up fun skills and find communities that share your interests.

    Make use of the selection of clubs and workshops, as well as your flexible schedule, to venture into new pastimes that will enhance your college experience.

    Maybe you’ll even find something you can continue in long after graduation. Here are a few unique hobbies to take up in college.


    We’re all familiar with our smartphone cameras, but if you want to understand how to really make your photos shine, photography may be for you. While most people might not think much of it, there is an art behind capturing enthralling shots that involves careful consideration of placement, colors, lighting, and more.

    If you invest in a camera and start taking pictures of your friends, you can easily gain lots of experience. Eventually, you can even earn some money with your image-making prowess at events on- and off-campus.


    In the middle of your busy schedule, it can be easy to become absorbed solely on personal development and recreation. However, setting aside parts of your days for community service can be a highlight in your routine.

    In addition to serving, you can also form meaningful connections with the people you are helping and your fellow volunteers. Look for college clubs or local organizations that connect you with people in need around your area and sign up for different volunteering opportunities through them.


    A lot of people might wince at the thought of doing extra writing when they don’t have to, but blogging can be a powerful creative tool. Think about what you naturally find fascinating and make that the center of your blog. It should be something you can easily become lost in researching without feeling like you are performing a chore.

    A good example could be movies or cooking. Not only will you get to talk about what you love, but you can also build up a nice addition to your resume. Should you one day apply for a position that involves strong written communication skills, your blog can serve as an example of your abilities.

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    When you just can’t stand sitting in the library any longer, you can join a Jiu-Jitsu class nearby to get some exercise and let off some steam. There are a lot of reasons why Jiu-Jitsu is beneficial, including helping you to reach better health through all the training you will be doing. The structure of the class can help to support your consistency in physical activity, allowing you to reach goals you could not commit to attaining alone.

    Learning new moves and becoming a better practitioner of the art will also boost your self-confidence, which can translate to a stronger mindset in your academic endeavors. As you cope with frustrations in Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll feel better equipped to tackle all kinds of challenges that come your way in school.

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