Four Directions You Can Take Beauty as a Career

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  • Beauty is the hidden desire that people yearn to know how to create. Individuals create in order to grasp the edge of beauty in their fingertips. Nothing has ever been found that is more beautiful than the face of a women or the silhouette of an athlete. The human form is something to be treasured as the greatest opportunity to create beautiful things for the world.

    There are several careers in beauty to choose from. Find the right creative process to make art and the human form mold into one.


    Hair cutting, styling and coloring are the main pursuits for a cosmetologist. This career requires talent and hundreds of hours learning every possible hair situation that could be faced. A cosmetologist is most successful when a joy for people and conversation is apparent. People will always pay more for someone who makes good conversation over someone who cuts quietly. Different states will have different requirements for licensing, but most accredited programs will take just under a year. Some states will require that you renew your licensing regularly, while others will just require a fee.


    Nails are tiny canvases on the end of every finger begging to be made into something unique and beautiful. This position requires less hours for licensing but still a lot of natural talent. Nails require a great amount of patience for the details. Be prepared for getting up close and personal with multiple pairs of toes before deciding on this as a career path. Pedicures are just as popular as manicures, and if feet cause you discomfort, it is not the right path.


    Esthetics is working with massage, skin treatments and waxing of the body and face. This can be a quieter choice as peaceful serenity plays a huge role in customer care. Esthetics is an artful dance that leaks through the fingers and relaxes its clients. One must have grace and a gentle touch to perform these tasks. Slow relaxation is the desired effect most people want when receiving an esthetic treatment. Be prepared for unpleasant situations in this field. If nudity is an uncomfortable thought, then esthetics is not the right choice for you. An esthetics professional must be able to release the mind and get past the awkward. Like other cosmetology professions, estheticians must be licensed by an accredited school to legally practice their occupation.

    Makeup Artist

    Makeup is the amplifying of beauty on the face. A makeup artist must have a desire to show natural beauty by adding to it, not covering it up. Patience is a huge factor in makeup application. One needs to have a steady, gentle hand that can hold a brush with ease. Be sure you have no bubble to be invaded and no problem with getting close to someone’s face before choosing this career. A proper makeup artist has a natural talent for knowing the right makeup to apply to all kinds of faces. Faces must be their life.

    Beauty careers take a lot of work, a lot of talent and a lot of passion. When done right they can create beauty on the one thing that started beauty in the first place, the people.

    Information Source: PJ’s College of Cosmetology
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