Freshman: 5 Things to do Your First Day on Campus

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  • There are many situations that you will face throughout your college career, some you may be prepared for and others you definitely will not. But, none may be more thrilling and nerve-racking rolled into one than your first day on campus. College is an unfamiliar territory and life as you know it is about to change promptly. Your comfort zone will be challenged and most likely be demolished all together.

    How you handle your first day can correlate to the success you have during your first semester and year. Being comfortable in your environment is important for success and there are five things you can do on your first day to ease the transition to campus quickly. These five things could help tremendously:

    Walk the Campus

    Campus, the place where you will be spending the next four to five years of your life (don’t ne discouraged if it is more). Not knowing where certain buildings may be, the quickest routes across campus, or where the university center may be can create some unsettling situations. Walking the campus your first day with a map can help ease your mind. You will also feel a part of the university and get excited about what lies ahead of you. Not to mention you won’t look like a typical freshman the first day of classes with a map out and a confused look.

    Visit the Important Spots

    Every campus has certain spots that hold more relevance than others. It is where students go to study, crucial events occur, or social gatherings happen, and you need to know where they are. They are the places where you will meet new people, cram for your mid-term exam or obtain memories that you will never forget. Find out where the hot spots on campus are and get familiar with them.

    Go Room to Room

    As a freshman, you are most likely going to live in a dorm for your first year. Though dorm life is not the ideal living arrangements, it is an experience that all college students should have. It can be a little intimidating being around so many new people all at once. But now is the time to leave your comfort zone and meet new people. Friends are a great way to forget about being nervous and have fun. In many cases, the friendships you establish in college will carry on after you graduate. Go door to door and meet the people on your floor. You can even help some of the students move in after you get settled in. You might even get a date out of it (just saying from experience).

    Meet with Your Advisor

    This is a relationship that every student should take full advantage. Your advisor is there to help you every step of your college journey. Important decisions will have to be made to help you prepare for your career as well as graduate and your advisor is there to offer their assistance. Meeting with your advisor your first couple of days on campus is a great way to become at ease with the classes you will be taking and how your first semester of college will turn out. Sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way and your advisor can offer just that.

    Welcome Events

    These events are great ways to meet new people and see what opportunities are available to you. You can find certain organizations including student lead groups, Greek organizations and much more to become a part of. Not only will you make new friends, but you will develop skills necessary for your future career as well as make connections that will help in your growth. Being a part of an organization looks great on a resume and shows initiative to be a part of a team. In many cases, welcome events on campus provide the information and resources you need to have a great first semester on campus (they usually provide great food too).

    It is up to you to determine how your transition to college will unfold. You can get settled in and keep to yourself, but what fun is that? College is meant to be a positive experience, so take the bull by the horns and start off on the right foot from day one.

    Author Bio: Caleb McElveen is a writer for Allied Van Lines, one of the largest moving companies in North America offering local, long distance and international moving services.

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