Moving Into The Dorms? Six Must-Haves You Will Need To Stay Organized

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  • Getting organized in a dorm can be a real challenge, especially when you have to share the limited space with another person. Get ahead of the game before the room turns into chaos with these creative ideas.

    Bed Risers

    When a bed takes up a substantial section of a room, make the best of the space underneath. You can only slide so much stuff into this space so bring the bed up to utilize more room. Inexpensive and made of wood or plastic, four risers can deliver an extra seven inches of height.

    Hair Styling Organizers

    Hair dryers and curling irons are bulky and almost impossible to keep out of the way. By using a personal styling kit, these items will stay out of your way and ready when needed. A fine example of an organizer will have three metal circular holders, plus open boxes for hair accessories, that measures a mere 9-inch by 12-inch, and a depth of 8-inches.

    Wonder Hangers

    Buying non-slip hangers may seem important in keeping clothes securely in place, but creating more storage room by hanging clothes vertically, can help to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Metal wonder hangers are great for keeping light-weight clothing stacked and easy to view, while taking up less space.

    Plastic Storage Bins

    Clear or colorful, plastic storage bins are a must-have for keeping personal items, school supplies, and foodstuffs organized and easy to find. Any size of storage bins from Quantum Storage can be purchased for sliding them under a bed or stacking in a corner. When bought in quantities, the savings is even greater.

    Over-the-Door Storage Racks

    Over the door organizers are convenient for many items. Shoes, jewelry, purses, or socks can find a new home that keeps them in sight and safely tucked away. Clear vinyl with closures are the best for keeping a collection from falling out.

    Fold-up Table and Chairs

    Homework is essential when living in a dorm, but large bulky desks can take up space. With fold-up tables and chairs, there is always room for having friends over, plus pieces are easily moved to corners or beside of a bed.

    These are just a few ideas that can make the stay in a dorm more pleasing and comfortable. Try to color coordinate tables and bins to add a welcome touch to the room. Another suggestion is to mount a cork board on the wall to leave messages or grocery lists. Get organized with handy items to make the stay comfortable.

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