How to Overcome the Challenges Military Members Face When They Start University

overcome challenges military members face

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  • Whether you’re still on active duty in the military or you’re a new veteran, you may be considering getting a degree in order to further your career.

    However, transitioning from the military to attending classes at a university can be very challenging for some students.

    Here’s how to overcome the challenges that military members face when they start taking classes at a university.

    Join a Few Clubs

    Many military members will find that it will be easier to go to a university if they connect with other students. You can do this by joining a few clubs. A lot of universities have a wide variety of different clubs available, so explore your interests.

    Do you speak different languages? Do you enjoy dancing? Do you want to learn a new hobby? Find a few different clubs that offer opportunities you’re interested in. By attending regularly, you can find people you relate to and enjoy hanging out with.

    There may even be some clubs that are geared specifically towards military members. In addition to simply helping you put down roots and build connections, these kinds of clubs give you a group of peers you can turn to for help and advice throughout your transition period.

    Choose an Online University for Military

    Some military members just might not be ready to go to an actual physical college location. This may be for any of a number of reasons.

    You may have medical issues that make a rigid schedule difficult, or you may have a full-time job that makes day classes impossible. Fortunately, you may be able to take classes online.

    There are numerous options for online university for military members available. Military members can choose to just take a couple of classes online as they get used to classes and homework again. Or, you may decide to complete your entire degree online. The choice is entirely up to you.

    Take Some Classes With People That They Know

    For those that are having a hard time overcoming some of the challenges of attending a university as a military member, you may find that they have an easier time if you take classes with people that they know. You can reach out to some of their friends and family members to find out if they are interested in taking a class or two with you.

    As you take more classes in your area of study, you’ll build more connections with your peers. These can be helpful and grounding as you all get further in your studies.

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    Seek the Support of a College Counselor

    During times of transition, many people need support. This includes military members who are transitioning to school or civilian life. You may be able to find that needed support by talking to a college counselor.

    The counselor can do things like help you pick a major, find classes that are suitable for you to take first, and make you aware of resources that the university provides for students as well as military members.

    If the two of you feel like you need more outside support than they can offer, they may be able to put you into contact with someone else. College counselors will be able to provide the support that the military members need so that they can be successful.

    While there are a lot of challenges that military members face when they start taking classes at a university, there still are some things that they can do in order to make things easier.

    Many military members do struggle with this new phase in their life, so it’s imperative that they do what they can to make transitioning to this new stage in their life easier.

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