Missed the Uni Train? There are Plenty of Other Opportunities

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  • Seas of debt, years of retail jobs and a lifetime of scuppered aims – life after university isn’t great for a lot of graduates. While this might seem like fear-mongering, it’s a fact of life for many recent uni-leavers.

    Tuition fees have risen beyond manageable levels in the UK, with many universities asking up to £9,000. Combine that with rent, coursework, utilities and other costs, and you’ll be deeper in debt than a chronic gambler insisting he’s “got a system”.

    More than this, the economy can’t create enough graduate-level jobs to sustain this level of academic achievement. Chances are you’re on the hunt for an alternative to university. With that in mind, we’ve found a few ideal options for the uni-avoider.

    Trading Places

    A snobbish sub-section of students think that work in a trade is somehow beneath them. Little do they know that, if you’ve got the right head on your shoulders, you can rake in the big bucks with the full dedication to your trade.

    Electrician courses, for instance, are available from top-notch providers. Once you’ve built up enough skills in your trade, you’ll have enough chutzpah in trading circles to strike out on your own. All you need is your tools, a van and a head full of electric know how.

    It’ll take a lot of hard work, but you’ll eventually be sitting on a goldmine – and all on your own steam.

    A Safety Net

    Gone are the days when you could design a novelty website and rake in millions overnight, but that doesn’t mean the internet is completely dominated by the giants of the web.

    If you want to capitalize on the net, you’ve first got to have a valuable idea; something that will make people want to spend, spend, spend (a real feat in the age of Pirate Bay and Isohunt).

    Next, it’s time to game your site so it plays nice with Google. To do this, simply optimize it with key phrases and well-written content on your site. You’ll soon be racing up the Google search engine like Mo Farah on a ladder-elevator (whatever that is).

    Nurture Your Art

    Becoming a famed artist is almost everyone’s dream, but few people realize their aspiration beyond a fantasy. Yet, if you’re willing to have a job on the side, you can turn writing, painting, music-making or any other creative venture into a profit margin.

    Get connected with other arty types (local arts centers or the internet are the best ways to do this), build a market at craft festivals or gigs and you’ll slowly count the pennies.

    Ultimately, it’s important to remember that university isn’t the be-all, end-all of your life. There are thousands of opportunities that can sate even the most ambitious people.

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