Pros and Cons of Living Outside the Campus

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  • Whenever you decide to study in a foreign university, you have to make lots of different decisions. These decisions range from some of the financial aspects to choosing the right course, looking for the university itself and arranging your preparation material more so like a luggage. In all these choices there is another choice that you have to make and that is the accommodation. For accommodation you have two options, whether you choose to live on campus and live outside your university which is off-campus.

    The cost saving that can happen while living off-campus might attract many students to decide and live outside the university. However, there are some irreplaceable benefits of living on campus that students will not be able to enjoy, if they live off the campus. While also living off the campus besides costing has advantages one of them is the freedom and independence away from the rules and strictness of the college.

    While both decisions might prove right to you, it entirely depends on how you want to live? And experience the life at college and while you are studying. We are going to talk about two advantages and two disadvantages of living outside the campus, that can give you a clear picture on how and what ways to use in order to decide which way to choose?

    Freedom and Independence

    Living on campus might restrict you only to the college community and college rules. While living off the campus will allow you to automatically explore other opportunities besides college. This not only gives you more freedom and independence, but also you will come across diverse chance and opportunities to learn things besides your college. By living in your own space, you are also entitled to live on much more freeway rather than living in a closed dorm with lots of restrictions.

    Relaxed Atmosphere

    Another good advantage of living off campus is the atmosphere that you which is very calm and relaxed. Usually within college, there is a lot going on and when you busy trying to focus you can easily get distracted, especially during the first year of your college. So if you are looking for something relaxing and gives you alone time, then living off the campus is your best bet.

    Deprived of college social life

    The social life experience at college is irreplaceable. If you live off campus, especially during the first year, you will be deprived of a much amazing and happening social life. The memories you create, the friends and network you make are all happening within the university which you miss out on if you live off the campus.

    Less Accessibility

    Another major disadvantage of living off the campus is the accessibility. You might save a lot of costs on rent by living outside, but the cost you pay for conveyance makes it almost equal to what you save. Also, when you live off the campus and in a faraway area, your college becomes less accessible to you, which is a major drawback as you should be as close to college as possible for all the reasons you can imagine.

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