Top Skills That Will Get You Hired in 2015

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  • We hear about skill-building almost every day of our professional lives. It should come as no surprise that a graduate degree is no longer the golden ticket to a magnificent career. Gone are the days when educational qualifications and good grades favored the meritorious candidates.

    Although grades are still a mandatory prerequisite, they are no longer a guarantee of a good job. Recruiters in 2015 are looking for valuable soft skills like teamwork and organizational skills when hiring the perfect candidate.

    The General Requirement

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has recently revealed its survey for 2015, which is not much different from that released in 2013. According to the report, hiring managers are interested in candidates who demonstrate their soft skills efficiently while eluding individuality and character. The list is out, and this is what it entails:

    Working in a Team

    The ability to work in a team has long been debated about. Simple as it sounds, dealing with the temperament of different people while striving to achieve the common goal of organizational success is challenging at most. Employers today are looking for individuals who can cooperate with others and solve business problems unanimously. Being assertive, accepting, friendly, and creative are some other qualities in the limelight.

    Leading the Group

    You cannot expect each and every employee to possess leadership qualities. What employers want are resourceful and autonomous candidates who are able to work with minimal supervision, devise out-of-the-box strategies, and come up with results that are beneficial for the growth and development of the company. A true leader can effortlessly direct and motivate people without having to go out on a limb.

    Communication Skills

    2015 is not just about verbal skills but written communication as well. Splotchy writing in your application form, resume, or cover letter will dampen your chances of getting hired big time. The way you write signals the recruiter on what to expect when you start drafting professional emails and documents.  Always keep the structure, style, and content of your writing in check. Proofread all documents before sending to eliminate errors as recruiters are not just judging what you have to say but how you say it as well.

    Maintaining the Work Ethic

    The ability to display a strong work ethic makes for a great employee. Employers are more likely to hire candidates who display hard work, integrity, discipline, and responsibility while striving to work towards the betterment of the organization.

    Analyzing Quantitative Data

    This is but a technical skill that refers to applying logical reasoning to amassing and analyzing information while coming up with possible plans and solutions. If you can articulate, visualize, and solve business problems effectively, you have greater chances of getting hired this year.

    Computing Skills

    Proficiency in practical computing skills is a necessary mandate. Every job profile requires some basic IT competence that comes with an elementary knowledge of computers. For example, whether you are a graphic designer or looking for an admin job, computing skills form an essential part of your resume. There is a certificate called European Computer Driving License (ECDL) that can actually verify that you have basic IT knowledge.

    Verbal Communication

    The list is incomplete without this skill. Every employee must have the ability to communicate verbally with executives inside and outside an organization. You must be able to express your thoughts explicitly and clearly, especially when briefing other employees. Apart from speaking skills, verbal communication also constitutes listening skills. Hence, you must listen to other people and occasionally empathize as well.

    Taking Initiative

    Employers appreciate those candidates who have the right temperament to seize opportunities and stay proactive at all times. To be proficient at this skill you will have to be self-motivated, take charge and responsibility of your work, and go that extra mile!

    Adapting to Change

    The job market has changed by leaps and bounds in 2015. Keeping this in mind, employers today are in need of candidates who are flexible and can successfully adapt to changing environments and situations. You must know how to deal with business changes and embrace new ideologies. As far as flexibility is concerned, you could think about working part-time while studying or when living abroad.

    Technical Skills

    The need for technical skills has always been high and continues to grow with time. If you possess abilities to accomplish engineering, mathematical, or computer-related tasks then you have greater chances of excelling this year. Demonstrate your capabilities in this field to increase your chances of employability.
    So, if getting hired is on your mind, you know what to do before taking the plunge!

    Author Bio: Tina Jindal is a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education. A career advisor for, she has been involved with renowned publications as well. You can contact her @Gmail | LinkedIn | Google+.

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