7 College Degrees Offering Great Careers

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  • When choosing a college degree, conventional wisdom says that you should select the field that you are most interested in.

    And this is for a good reason, if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never feel like it’s work, right?

    However, not all passion and interests can guarantee that you’ll have a sustainable career in the future.

    Whether you like it or not, there are college majors who are better than others in terms of career advancement and job stability. If you want the latter, then here are some of the college majors you should sign up for.

    Medical Technology

    Healthcare is one of the most stable industries in the world, and it continues to grow. Medical technology graduates have a bright future in this field as the demand rises for healthcare professionals.

    If you choose this degree, be prepared to study chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories. Clinical laboratories and hospitals are two major institutions that hire medical technologists.

    Computer Science

    We are currently in the information technology age, and the demand for computer hardware has never been this high in history. This is the reason why computer-related degrees are one of the most popular courses in colleges and universities. Computer science graduates usually find good-paying jobs with big tech companies.


    The manufacturing plant and construction industry are booming, and companies employ engineering graduates from different disciplines such as electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, and management. No engineering major is easy, and you will face topics such as general science, statistics, industrial systems, systems of linear equations, and calculus.

    Accounting and finance

    Of all the career opportunities in this list, accounting and finance are the most flexible because all sectors employ accountants and finance professionals. Also, any profession that deals with finances will not disappear as long as the money goes around. Be prepared to study accountancy, probability, differential equations, taxation, and economics.

    Aviation technology and aeronautics

    Although this is one of the academically challenging majors in college, graduates can expect promising careers and a good salary. The travel and tourism industry continues to grow, and so does the aviation industry. This major also offers flexible career opportunities. Either you pursue a lucrative career as a pilot, or you can choose to focus on the engineering aspect.

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    Another career option in the healthcare field that has a steady demand is nursing. This can be attributed to the increasing population of both the elderly and the newborn. Nursing graduates can choose to be employed right after graduation or can pursue the licensure process; however, salary rates are competitive in both.

    Chemical engineering

    Prepare to encounter topics such as physics, chemistry, systems of linear equations, calculus, and biology. When you graduate, you can build a career in medical, food manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies.

    When choosing your college major, you have to consider not only your interest but also your future career. While some are lucky to earn a decent living doing their passion, there is no guarantee that you can replicate it with yours. The degrees listed above are only some options you may want to consider. They’re in demand all the time and pay well at the same time. 

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