Things to Look Out For on Your Prospective College Website

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  • Visiting the college website for the first time

    Applying for a college is a decision that requires a lot of thinking. In the age of digital media, students usually visit a website for few colleges that they have in mind as a first priority to get the feeling of what the college is about, courses, opportunities and other angles that can help convince someone to apply for. Usually most of the times, we do not take the website of a particular college very seriously if we have a certain perception developed prior to our website browsing. This perception can then affect our judgment and we might find key areas within the website that could change our opinion or the perception that we have.

    This is the reason it is important that we keep our own opinions based on the perceptions aside and give a neutral analysis of the website by concentrating on areas that are important in defining our decision and justify our choices. There are three major things to look for whenever you visit a college or university website.

    Find out key stakeholders, affiliations and partners

    Knowing the history of the college is one of the most important areas of the website. A top college will have a very rich history; something that will automatically interest you in no time. It is also important to know the affiliations of a particular college. How strong its network is? Who are they associated with? Like their major stakeholders and what is their future aim. It is also important to know what courses are on offer and if the course you like has a strong faculty. If the college has strong affiliations with multiple partners and stakeholders, it can mean that the institution is highly ranked and you can find some amazing opportunities while studying there.

    How is it like to be there?

    The second important thing to consider is what kind of life a particular college or university is offering. Read the testimonials from students living and studying there. Find what kind of opportunities the college provides besides classes and courses. Try to look out for things and lifestyle, that students have, the profile of students that are already studying that college. What the opportunities for networking, extracurricular activities and night outs? As all such events play an important role in a student’s life.

    Key financial matters that can influence your decision

    The last but not the least important factor that can define your decision to apply, is the financial option that you have. If you are aiming to finance your education all on your own, then looking at the fees and payment structure will help you to see and understand if the particular financial commitment falls under your budget. If you are applying for financial assistance, then look for the kind of options you have. Look for areas that can highlight your eligibility for scholarship programs, what needs to be done in order to apply for a financial grant? All such financial matters should be comprehensively covered on a good website.

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    Sandy Robert is a student counselor who works for a college in Australia. His job is to ensure that students know each and every bit about the college prior to coming and during their stay. He also likes to write and post on write a research paper-chiefpapers occasionally.

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