Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving for College Students

distracted driving

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  • When you’re a college student, every buzz of your phone or conversation with your friend becomes a distraction when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

    Though many think that they can multi-task while driving, having anything less than your full attention on the road is considered reckless and dangerous.

    As such, it’s crucial that you learn a few tips to avoid distracted driving and adopt a few new practices in order to keep yourself safe on the road.

    Get Enough Rest

    Becoming distracted easily while behind the wheel is often a crucial sign that you’re too tired to drive. So, if you notice it happening often, it’s essential that you take steps to get better rest, such as adjusting your bedtime to include at least a full 8 hours of sleep.

    Finish Your Daily Routine Before You Leave

    We’ve all seen a few drivers finishing their makeup or breakfast while on the road. But though this occurrence may be common, it doesn’t make doing so any less dangerous.

    The few seconds you’re looking away to finish your routine are essential to reacting to hazards that could present themselves. Therefore, even if you’re in a rush, you should finish up your entire routine before driving as this is the best way to ensure your full attention is on your commute.

    Put Distracting Items Away

    Cellphones and other devices are our connection to the outside world. As a result, we tend to find that they’re always with us. However, no matter how attached you are to your phone, it’s still an unneeded distraction once you start the vehicle.

    It’s for this reason that many drivers have taken to putting their phone on silent while they drive or even putting it away as methods to avoid distraction. This way, you won’t even hear the alerts or be tempted to respond to them.

    Make Vehicle Adjustments Before You Drive

    In order for your seat and mirror placements to be the most effective, it’s important that you adjust them while you’re still stationary. This will ensure that you can see everything going on around you without increasing your risk during the drive. With this optimal vision of your surroundings, you’ll be able to act accordingly and drive more defensively. If you notice too late that your mirrors are positioned wrong, then be sure that the vehicle is at a complete stop before you move them back.

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    Limit How Many Passengers You Have

    As much as we love our friends, a lot of the time, they can be very distracting.  It’s important that you limit the number of passengers you allow in your car if they tend to take your concentration off the road. Though doing so might be hard, this will protect you and your passengers in the long run by ensuring you’re always alert enough to travel. If you don’t want to say no to your friends, you could also make it clear to them that you’ll only drive them around if they aren’t disruptive.

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