What Every College Student Needs in a New Place

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  • When you move into a new place at school, you have to bring in things that are going to make your time in college easier. This list is filled with items typically found in apartments, but should also contain items you never thought you would need in your new apartment. Fill up your apartment the right way this semester so you can succeed in school.

    Wireless Internet

    Your new apartment may have an Ethernet cable already run into some of the rooms, however, routing all your devices through wireless routers is simpler for everyone involved. You can give your wireless password to your guests, and set up your phone to connect to the wireless signal. This way you do not have to worry about tripping over cables when you are pulling an all-nighter.

    A Bookshelf

    One bookshelf is enough to hold all the books you are using for the semester, and you’ll be glad you brought one. This bookshelf is helpful for holding the leisure books that you want to find time to read, as well as storing textbooks your not sure you’ll need in another semester. Even setting up one small shelf in your room will help to organize your academic and personal books.

    A Reading Chair

    Set up a chair next to your window so you can sit down and read when you have time. You can do your homework in that chair, talk on the phone, and you can relax. You need a place to get away from the stress of college life, and this chair can be your sanctuary. You might not have money or time to go to a yoga studio, but if you have just a simple space like this to relax, it can make all the difference.

    Electronic Chargers

    You need chargers scattered throughout the apartment so you and your friends can charge your cell phones, tablets, and computers. People are very connected in today’s world, and everyone who comes over will appreciate the charger that is sitting right by the couch or end table. If you don’t want to leave chargers lying around, just make sure you get extra outlet bars to fit all of your other electronics in. For appliances like the microwave and fridge talk to an appliance professional to make sure they are working at the correct voltage and power. This is one way you can save money and keep your Vancouver appliances up to date.

    Dress Clothes

    The last thing you need in your apartment are dress clothes. You probably do not want to get dressed up for all your classes, but you do want to have dress clothes for interviews, dates, and special events. You want to look your best when it is necessary, and having these clothes at school is helpful. Make sure you store them in a place that won’t get them wrinkled or damaged.

    Filling your school apartment with the right items will help you to be efficient and organized at college. You cannot prevent stress from happening, but an organized apartment can help to manage the inevitable stress of being in college.

    Informational credit for this article goes to McIver’s Appliance Sales & Service Ltd who helped with the section on electrical chargers.

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