5 Important Tips for Staying Healthy in College

staying healthy in college

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  • The sooner you incorporate healthy habits into your life, the higher chance you have of leading a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

    Sticking to healthy choices can be hard, especially in college—sometimes it’s easier to order takeout or to sleep in an hour longer and skip the workout.

    However, when you make the conscious decision to make healthy changes, you’re helping your body and mind. To stay on track for a healthy lifestyle through and after school, peruse these tips for staying healthy in college.

    Make Sleep a Priority

    One of the most important tips we can give you pertains to your sleeping schedule. A lot of students put quality sleep on the back burner in order to finish schoolwork or to hang out with friends. However, when you don’t make sleep a priority, other areas in your life will go downhill.

    You’ll be so tired that you may not be able to understand your coursework or stay motivated with your internship. Maneuver your schedule so that you can get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night—and no, catching up on the weekends doesn’t count.

    Don’t Drink

    When you drink, you’re putting your mind and body in a worse position to handle all your responsibilities. However, staying sober during social events isn’t impossible.

    As hard it may seem, when you follow a few tips for staying sober during parties, you’ll put your body in a much healthier place. Make it easier on yourself and try your best to avoid drinking—you can still have fun sober.

    Drink More Water

    Whereas you shouldn’t drink alcohol, you should definitely drink more water. Skip the caffeine and sugary drinks, and say yes to more water. So many people don’t drink enough water throughout the day, and that plays a bigger role on your energy and health than you may realize.

    Try getting into the habit of drinking a glass of water when you wake up, a glass before each meal, and a glass before bed. Once you get into these habits, picking up a water bottle instead of a pop can will be like second nature.

    Start an Exercise Routine

    Routines play big roles in your overall health and mental wellness. One of the best routines you can get into is an exercise or movement routine. Sure, that walk to the opposite end of campus may feel like a workout, but your body craves more than that. Make use of your campus’s gym and try to get there at least three days a week.

    other valuable tips:

    If you don’t feel comfortable working out in front of all those people, plan daily walks to calm yourself down, or join a yoga or dance studio—just make sure you’re staying active. An exercise routine can be hard to establish, but once it sticks, you won’t regret it.

    Stop Overbooking Your Schedule

    Start saying no—to alcohol, drugs, and things that overbook your schedule. Tons of students try so hard to please that they put themselves at risk. When you say yes to too much, your schoolwork, your relationships, and your health all go downhill. Do your best to say no to the things you don’t have time for—even it means saying no to your group hangout—so that you can actually get some sleep.

    Your health is important—make it a priority and treat it that way.

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