Little Ways to Stay Healthy When Living in a Dorm

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  • Living in a dorm can be equal parts exciting and exhausting.

    The thought of sharing a space with your closest friends is great, but living in close quarters can sometimes wear on you.

    Such an intimate living situation can not only take a toll on your mental wellness, but also significantly affect your physical health.

    Dorm living can be particularly worrisome during cold and flu season, when bacteria levels are at their peak and germs can easily spread from dorm room to dorm room. These three ways to stay healthy when living in a dorm will ensure you stay in peak physical form throughout the duration of your dormitory dwelling.

    Practice good hygiene

    The best way to avoid contracting a cold is to practice good personal hygiene at all times. Washing your hands on a regular basis and taking good care of your body will ward off contagious bacteria, and you’ll be at less risk of developing an illness.

    Be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you as an extra precaution as well. Many dorms have communal bathroom facilities that are veritable breeding grounds for bacteria. Take extra precaution when you use these facilities, and remember to never go barefoot or share towels, soaps, or brushes.

    Keep your space clean

    Proper hygiene doesn’t just refer to your personal cleanliness—it also involves your personal space. Be sure to keep your dorm room clean and tidy throughout cold and flu season, as this will prohibit bacteria from blossoming in your space.

    Clean and sanitize your space at least once a week, paying special attention to areas that are more likely to harbor bacteria, such as doorknobs, drawer handles, computers, and phones.

    Washing your sheets and doing laundry on a regular basis will also protect you from contagious germs. You may even consider dusting the space once in a while. Dust buildup can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms, and it can become particularly troublesome during winter months, when there’s less airflow in the dorm room.

    Stay hydrated and eat well

    Physical health begins within you. As such, one of the best ways to stay healthy when living in a dorm is to eat a balanced diet and remain properly hydrated at all times. Dining hall food isn’t always the most nutritious, so try to keep your dorm room well-stocked with healthier snack options.

    Stock up on granola bars, yogurt, veggies, and fruits that you can easily store in your room or throw into your backpack on the way to class. Try to steer clear of pizza and pasta for every meal, too; take advantage of your dining hall’s healthier options whenever possible.

    other valuable tips:

    Hydration is equally as important as nutrition when it comes to staying healthy. Try to meet your daily recommended fluid intake every day, as this will boost your immune system and help you fight off the flu.

    Starting your day with a warm cup of lemon water will kickstart your digestive system for the day and improve immune system. It can also help soothe a sore throat if you’ve begun to notice the warning signs of a cold or the flu.

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